Tom Cross uses your tax dollars to lie about SB600

By DOUG IBENDAHL • February 18, 2011


Republican voters are getting the old Tom Double Cross yet again. Republicans who contacted Tom Cross’ office during the last legislative session urging passage of SB600 are now getting a form letter on Cross’ official state letterhead mailed at taxpayers’ expense.


Several Republican friends forwarded a copy of this same letter from Cross. The dishonest talking points it contains are as recycled as the paper it’s printed on.


Tom Cross uses your tax dollars to lie about SB600


Every Republican recipient of this letter that I’ve talked to is disgusted with Cross – as well they should be. Cross is insulting the intelligence of a lot of good people.


This is not the first time Cross has tried to blame Mike Madigan for SB600 not passing. And of course it’s all a lie.


In fact the last time SB600 got a vote on the House floor in October 2009, Madigan voted “yes” and Cross voted “no.” It’s therefore absurd for Cross to say he has no idea what Madigan’s intentions are regarding SB600. Madigan is on record as being for real democracy for Republicans.


In fact not only did Cross vote against SB600 in October 2009, he threw a tantrum on the floor prior to the vote. He made it clear he didn’t want a vote on the bill. Of course everyone already knew that.


Cross doesn’t want the Republican rank-and-file to have this right to vote. It’s that simple. He thinks it’s okay for every Democrat to have the privilege, but not Republicans.


Mike Madigan is on record saying he won’t stand in the way of SB600 – and he’s proven that. He’s told us that since every voter in his party already has the right to directly elect the members of his party’s State Central Committee, it wouldn’t be right for him to prevent Republicans from having the same fundamental right. Madigan’s not going to take the blame.


Say what you want about Madigan, but he’s worked in good faith and kept his promises where SB600 is concerned. With Cross on the other hand it’s been nothing but lies and ineptitude.


One phone call from Tom Cross to Mike Madigan and SB600 would have gotten another vote in the House last month. Cross simply won’t make that call – because he wants to keep Republicans disenfranchised and powerless in their own party. Cross doesn’t want the accountability.


Tom Cross has long had a disturbing problem with the truth. On top of that, he’s also one of the dimmest bulbs you’ll ever meet. Now it’s no sin to be dumb of course. But Cross really gets himself in trouble when he assumes everyone else is just as dim. That’s why he’ll send out a letter like this one on SB600 and then wonder why no one takes him seriously on anything. It’s pretty sad.


All this is just one more reminder. Until the House Republicans start taking their jobs seriously by choosing a competent caucus leader who can maybe tell the truth at least once in awhile, Mike Madigan will remain in undisputed control and Republican lawmakers will remain irrelevant in Springfield.


Doug Ibendahl is a Chicago Attorney and a former General Counsel of the Illinois Republican Party.


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