Rauner mirrors campaign of Kentucky Democrat

April 1, 2014

Bruce Rauner appears to have studied the political experience of his former business associate Bruce Lunsford and done some honing.

Here’s what the FBI had to say about a Rauner-linked company

March 14, 2014

A company linked to Bruce Rauner, APS Healthcare, took Medicaid’s money for itself and left some of our most vulnerable citizens without the aid they deserved.

Yet Another Federal Lawsuit Reveals Rauner-Related Buyer’s Remorse

March 14, 2014

We have a strong suspicion that a lot of Republican voters are going to have some severe buyer’s remorse of their own soon after Tuesday’s Primary Election.

Rauner lies about links to nursing home scandal

March 10, 2014

We don’t use the term “lies” in this article’s title lightly. But Mr. Rauner gives us no choice.

Playing the ‘Goodfellas’ card Mr. Rauner? Really?

March 2, 2014

It’s interesting that Mr. Rauner would choose to go down the 'Goodfellas" road because I’m certain I’m not the only one who immediately thought of a certain scene in that movie when the nursing home scandal came to light.

New Fed. Court filing packs explosive allegations about Rauner’s GTCR

February 22, 2014

Republicans – and no resident of Illinois for that matter – can afford to wait for GTCR’s lawyers to weigh in on these extremely serious matters.

GOP Bosses still small and petty about Erika Harold’s run for Congress

February 16, 2014

The usual suspects continue to display their small mindedness in an apparent effort to see how much they can shrink the GOP in Illinois.

SUN-TIMES: Kirk praises Rauner’s pro-abortion stand, calls SEIU corrupt

March 19, 2014

Mark Kirk lauded Bruce Rauner's support of abortion rights and called Service Employees International Union “particularly corrupt.”

SUN-TIMES: LaHood unloads on Rauner for ‘trashing’ GOP opponents

March 19, 2014

Ray LaHood lamented the direction that the GOP primary took, laying the blame for Dan Rutherford's political demise to behind-the-scenes meddling by Bruce Rauner.

FORBES: Diverse women battling Republican stereotypes

January 14, 2014

A bevy of smart, fresh-faced Republican women is running for Congress this year, shattering the stereotype that the political right is a bastion of old, white men.

TRIBUNE: Chicago gun store ban ruled unconstitutional

January 7, 2014

A federal judge strips away a key element of Chicago's gun ordinance, ruling that it is unconstitutional to prohibit licensed gun stores from operating in the city.

Aaron Schock outed as gay by journalist on Facebook?

January 5, 2014

Journalist Itay Hod unleashed a wave of controversy when he appeared to out hunky Republican Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL) as gay on Facebook on Friday.

Deadly Mix in Benghazi: False Allies and Crude Video

December 29, 2013

The reality behind the attack on American outposts in Libya is murkier and more complex than initially believed, but months of investigation turned up no evidence that Al Qaeda...

SJ-R: Rodney Davis’ tax-funded campaign ad

December 9, 2013

Schoenburg thinks Rep. Rodney Davis just got himself some free, government-paid advertising in the midst of a re-election race.

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Republicans voting like Democrats

Republicans voting like Democrats

Our elected officials love to tell you about the votes they think you want to hear about, especially around election time. We think you deserve a more complete and accurate picture. Our goal here is to create a more educated voter, an engaged citizenry, and a more responsive state government.

Mark Kirk’s extremely liberal voting record

Mark Kirk’s extremely liberal voting record

Nationally syndicated conservative talk radio host and best selling author Laura Ingraham called Mark Kirk "part of the RINO Republican class that got Republicans into trouble in the first place." We agree.

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