Republicans voting like Democrats


Our elected officials love to tell you about the votes they think you want to hear about, especially around election time. We think you deserve a more complete and accurate picture.


While some Republican lawmakers have more pro-Democrat votes than others, every one of them needs to be held accountable. Don’t forget, these folks work for YOU and we all pay their generous salaries and benefits. 


Our goal here is to not to point fingers or to embarrass Republican lawmakers. Instead, we hope to create a more educated voter, an engaged citizenry, and a more responsive state government. 



Pamela Althoff Kyle McCarter
Jason Barickman Karen McConnaughay
Tim Bivins Matt Murphy
Bill Brady Jim Oberweis
Mike Connelly Christine Radogno
Sue Rezin
Dan Duffy Dale Righter
Darin LaHood Chapin Rose
Dave Luechtefeld Dave Syverson
Sam McCann





John Anthony Charlie Meier
Patricia Bellock Bill Mitchell
Mike Bost* Don Moffitt
Dan Brady Tom Morrison
Rich Brauer JoAnn Osmond*
Adam Brown Sandy Pihos
John Cabello Raymond Poe
John Cavaletto Bob Pritchard
Tom Cross* Dennis Reboletti
C.D. Davidsmeyer David Reis
Tom Demmer Wayne Rosenthal
Jim Durkin Pam Roth**
Mike Fortner Ron Sandack
Brad Halbrook* Tim Schmitz*
Norine Hammond Darlene Senger*
Josh Harms Keith Sommer
David Harris Joe Sosnowski
Kay Hatcher* Brian Stewart
Chad Hays Ed Sullivan, Jr.
Jeanne Ives Jil Tracy*
Dwight Kay Mike Tryon
Renee Kosel* Michael Unes
David Leitch Barbara Wheeler
Michael McAuliffe  
Dave McSweeney  


* Not seeking re-election.


** Pam Roth resigned in July, 2013. In August, 2013, John Anthony was appointed to fill the remaining term of Roth.



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