What is a Republican Precinct Committeeman?



“The forgotten men and women of our country — people who work hard but no longer have a voice: I am your voice.”President Donald J. Trump


Nowhere have hard working women and men been forgotten like they’ve been forgotten in Illinois.


For too long, do-nothing, self-serving local Party bosses have squashed the voice of rank-and-file Republicans in Illinois. Being a Republican Precinct Committeeman in the past has typically meant being told who you can talk to, who you should support (or oppose), and what you should shut-up about.


But those days are over. President Donald Trump has changed everything. He’s continuing to re-write the old rules which kept the GOP lethargic and lacking in accomplishment.


Now that we have a real leader at the head of our national Party, no one is going to listen to the old bosses who still don’t get it – especially if they refuse to stand in support of our President.


In the same way that Donald Trump is using social media to go over the heads of a dishonest media establishment, savvy Trump supporters know they can go over the heads of the do-nothing party bosses.


Social media is the new front porch of politics. Today, the ideal candidate for Republican Precinct Committeeman is one who already has an active presence on social media.


If you’re already supporting the President on social media, that’s great. But you can do even more. You also deserve a seat at the Republican Party table. The GOP is the primary vehicle Donald Trump must rely on to implement his agenda – and for his 2020 re-election.


We in Illinois experienced for ourselves the lost opportunity when local and state “Republican” officials refuse to lift a finger for Donald Trump. Some are still actively working against our President. It’s a disgrace.


Now is the time for Trump supporters to step-up. Take your support to the next level and secure a position in your local Republican Party – while continuing to utilize social media to talk directly to the people.


That means no filtering by the old GOP bosses. No blind support of do-nothing politicians, especially the ones who won’t help you as you help our President.


Engage your Facebook friends, and Twitter and/or Instagram followers. Keep educating them on Trump’s America First agenda. Call out the haters, the liars, and the misinformed. Inspire your contacts to help you spread the message of Trump’s pro-growth, optimistic agenda to an even wider audience.


That’s what it means to be a Republican Precinct Committeeman in the era of Trump.


For more information, read: How to Run for the Office of Republican Precinct Committeeman.





We have tried to include the most commonly asked questions about the role of a Republican Precinct Committeeman. If you have a question that is not included in this section, just email us.


Is a Republican Precinct Committeeman a paid position?

No. Republican Precinct Committeeman is an all-volunteer position.


When is the next election for Republican Precinct Committeemen? And how do I get on the ballot?

Your next opportunity to be elected as a Republican Precinct Committeeman is at the March 20, 2018 Republican Primary Election. The deadline to file your petitions so that you can be on your local ballot in March, is the close of business on December 4. We have all the information on how to get on the ballot, including the required forms online here.


What are the legal requirements?

You must be a United States citizen, at least 18 years of age, and a registered voter of the precinct where you live.


Do all 102 Illinois counties have elected Republican Precinct Committeemen?

No. But there’s only county that doesn’t. That’s Cook County. By Illinois law, Cook County does not elect Precinct Committeemen (from either Party). In theory, the 30 GOP Township Committeemen in suburban Cook and the 50 GOP Ward Committeemen in the City of Chicago can appoint Precinct Committeemen (or “Captains” as they are sometimes called in Cook), but very few do on the Republican side.


If elected, how long do I serve?

In all counties (other than Cook), every Republican Precinct Committeeman is elected to a two-year term.


Are all Republican Precinct Committeemen elected?

No, but they should be. However, Republican Precinct Committeemen can also be appointed by the GOP County Chairman if no one ran in the Primary, or if an elected Precinct Committeeman vacates the spot for any reason. However, running for the office and getting elected is the way to go. That’s the only way to guarantee you will have the full rights and privileges of a Precinct Committeeman. Plus, it gives you excellent experience to be a candidate. And frankly, it’s so easy to seek and attain this local party office, there is really no good excuse not to go the candidate route. 


How do I find out what precinct I’m registered in?

If you have a voter registration card, your precinct is listed there. Or you can look up your voter registration information via the Illinois Board of Elections here. You can also call the Office of your County Clerk and ask.


Do Republican Precinct Committeemen play a role in choosing the GOP County Chairman?

Yes. Every two years, 30 days after the Primary Election, the first duty of the newly elected Republican Precinct Committeemen is to elect the Chairman of your County Republican Party. Each elected Precinct Committeeman becomes a member of the County GOP’s Central Committee. Like a board of directors, this County Central Committee has the exclusive power to pick its Chairman. Again, that duty is performed every two years, at a County GOP Convention, held 30 days after the Primary Election.


What is the time commitment?

This volunteer position consists exactly of what you want to make of it. Some Precinct Committeemen around the state are more active than others. Some do a lot by talking to their neighbors, distributing literature for candidates around election time, etc. And some do almost nothing, beyond attending a meeting now and then. Plus everyone understands that people get busy at different times with work and family responsibilities. You can commit as much or as little time as you’re willing and able. But this time around our goal is to find true Trump supporters who don’t view supporting our President as a chore.




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