Sign-on as a supporter of SB35 (formerly SB600)


Join distinguished Republicans like former U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald in supporting passage of SB35 (formerly SB600). (Read Senator Fitzgerald’s endorsement letter here.)


Just email us at and we’ll be honored to add your name to this list of leaders standing up for the right to vote and for a better Illinois Republican Party.




Greg Abbott, State Senate Candidate 2008/Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)

Janness Abraham, Conservative Activist (McHenry)

Bob Allen, Plainfield Township Chairman (Will)

Joe Alger, Conservative Activists (McHenry)

Mary Alger, Conservative Activists (McHenry)

Bill Alstrom, Republican Activist

Pamela Althoff, State Senator

Anthony Anderson, Precinct Committeeman (Boone)/Chairman, Republican Precinct Project

Dave Anderson, Precinct Committeeman (Kane)

Doug Anderson, Republican Activist

Janice Anderson, Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)

Maureen Anderson, Republican Activist

Paul Anderson, Precinct Committeeman (Kane)

Adam Andrzejewski, Candidate for Governor 2010

Ilandro Arellano, Candidate for State Representative 2012

Chris Arndt, Precinct Committeeman (Bureau)/Co-Coordinator, Bureau-LaSalle Tea Party

Mary Jo Arndt (dec.), former Republican National Committeewoman

Ken Arnold, Candidate for U.S. Congress 2008/Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

John Arrington, Candidate for U.S. Senate 2010

Chuck Augustyniak, Huckabee Delegate 2008

Mark R. Axen, Conservative Political Consultant (Cook) / President, Voter Plus

Greg Baise, President, Illinois Manufacturers’ Association

Robert Baker, Precinct Committeeman (Bureau)

Steve Balich, Homer Township Clerk/Will County Tea Party Alliance

Brian Ball, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

John Bambenek, Co-Founder, Illinois Citizens Coalition

Jerry Bannister, Precinct Committeeman/Co-Organizer, 1st TEA Party in Kendall County

Jessica Bannister, Precinct Committeeman/IT Coordinator, Kendall County Republican Women

Jason Barickman, State Representative

Cynthia Barr, Republican Conservative, (Will) 

Lee Barrett, Precinct Committeeman (Kane)

William H. Bartels, Republican Activist

Mark Batinick, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

Therese Battaglia, Independent Political Activist

Jason Baugher, Conservative Activist

Sharon Baur, Take Back Illinois Activist/9-12 Project (Menard)

James Becker, Precinct Committeeman (McHenry)

William Beckman, Republican Activist

Bob Bednar, Vernon Township Committeeman/Lake County Central Committee Treasurer

Bruno Behrend, Co-Founder, Illinois Citizens Coalition

Michael Beightol, Husband, Father, Business Owner & Patriot (Lake)

Peter Bella, Republican Activist (Cook)

Ken Bellaire, Chicago 41st Ward Committeeman Candidate 2008

Diane Benjamin, Tea Party Activist

George Bennett, Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)

Tony Bennett, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Bob Bergman, Republican Activist

Bernard Bertsche, Republican Activist

Rick Biesada, State Director, Illinois Minuteman Project

Chris Birdsell, Precinct Committeeman (Macoupin)

John Biver, Precinct Committeeman (Kane)

Terry Blakeman, Precinct Committeeman (Cass)

Charlene Bliss-Beyer, Republican Activist (Lake)

Ronald Boetto, Republican Activist

Larry Bomke, State Senator

Christine M. Bondi, Republican Activist

Paul Bonilla, 48th Ward Committeeman (Cook)

Enoch Boone, Alton Tea Party (Madison)

Linda Boone, Alton Tea Party (Madison)

Christine Boreland, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Marty Boyd, Republican Activist

Bill Brady, State Senator

Tim Brennan, Republican Activist

Edward J. Brofka, Republican Activist (Williamson)

Mary Brookhart, McDonough County GOP Chairman

Liz Bugielski, Tea Party Activist (Wayne)

Mark Bunting, Republican Activist (Will)

Eric Burgess, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Brad Burzynski, former State Senator

Darrell Butler, Republican Activist

Nancy Cahalan, Precinct Committeeman (Madison)

Gloria Campos, Latino NRC National Vice Chair

Dennis Canfield, Lifelong Republican (Cook)

Joan Cannon, former President of the Chicago Young Republicans

Dan Carbol, Chicago 19th Ward Committeeman Candidate 2008

Charles Cardella, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Jim Carlin, Precinct Committeeman (McHenry)

Debbie Carollo, Republican Voter (Will)

Louis E. Carr, Precinct Committeeman (Peoria)

Jane R. Carrell, Coordinator, Northern IL Tea Party

Scott Caselli, Republican Activist

Don Castella, Vernon Township Chairman (Lake)

Tony Castrogiovanni, Cook County Vice-Chair/Berwyn Township Committeeman

Denise Cattoni, State Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots

Jim Centko, Christian County 9-12 Founder/Conservative Activist (Christian)

Daniel Cerny, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Chuck Cheesman, Republican Activist (Cook)

Bob Cherry, Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)

Bob Churchill, former State Representative

Mike Clark, Independent Candidate for State Representative (Lake)

Greg Clements, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Lloyd Collins, Chairman, Peotone Township (Will)

Phil Collins, Chairman, Illinois Center Right Coalition/Precinct Captain (Cook)

Eunice Conn (dec.), Republican Activist (Ogle)

Michael Connelly, State Representative

Mary Lou Conover, Republican Activist

Dennis Cook, Candidate for Lt. Governor 2010

Cedra Crenshaw, Precinct Committeeman (Will)/Candidate for State Senate 2010

Cris Crisafulli, Republican Activist (Cook)

Shane Cultra, State Senator

Jack Cunningham, Kane County Clerk

Mark Curran, Lake County Sheriff

John Curry, Cook County Vice-Chair At Large/Chicago 32nd Ward Committeeman

Sandra K. Czyznikiewicz, Candidate for Cook County Board 2010

Dean Dahlgren, Precinct Captain (Cook)

Jeff Davis, Republican Activist

William Davis, Republican Activist (Kendall)

Kevin Dawson, Coordinator, Republican Young Professionals

Georgine M. Deacon, Northern Illinois Tea Party

Adam Deadmond, Republican Activist

Demetra DeMonte, Republican National Committeewoman

Deb Detmers, State Central Committeeman

Paula DeWild, Precinct Committeeman/Central Committee Secretary (Rock Island)

Dave Diersen, Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)/Chairman of TAPROOT

Greg DiLaura, Precinct Committeeman (Kane)

Kirk Dillard, State Senator/Candidate for Governor 2010

Gordon Dillon, Republican Activist

Jim Dodge, Candidate for State Comptroller 2010

Lidia Downs, Republican Activist (Kane)

Dennis Driscoll, Republican Activist

Lora Drobetsky, Republican Voter

Dan Duffy, State Senator

Michael Duncan, Republican Voter

Jim Economos, Republican Activist (DuPage)

James Eiden, Republican Activist

Liz Eilers, Precinct Committeeman (Sangamon)

Roberto Enriquez, Candidate for Secretary of State 2010

Rich Evans, Precinct Committeeman (McHenry)

Richard Fandel, Republican Voter

Sandra Farris, Republican Activist

Shelley Faulkner, Tea Party Activist

Pat Fee, Republican Activist (DuPage)

Bobby Ferguson, Concerned Citizen (Cook)

Darren Fish, Republican Activist

Sandy Fitts, Republican Activist (Kane)

Peter Fitzgerald, former U.S. Senator

Mike Foote, Precinct Committeeman (Kane)

Mike Fortner, State Representative

Michael Gadzinski, Norwood Park Township Committeeman (Cook)

Jim Gallagher, School Reform Activist

Glenn M. Garamoni, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Blair Garber (Cook)

G. Glenn Garrison, former Vice-Chairman, Republican Assembly of Lake County

Michelle Gatses, Tea Party Activist (Cook)

Roger German, Conservative

Helen Giallombardo, Conservative Activist (Cook)/Palatine Tea Party

Jay Giallombardo, Conservative Activist (Cook)/Palatine Tea Party

Kurt Giehler, Prospect Heights Deputy Committeeman (Cook)

George Gilson Jr., Precinct Committeeman/Alderman, United City of Yorkville (Kendall)

Ray Glinski, Republican Activist

Wanda Glitz, Republican Activist (Cook)

Robert Glitz, Republican Activist (Cook)

Les Golden, President the NEW Oak Park GOP (Cook)

Norma Goodale, Precinct Committeeman (Peoria)

Robert Gordon, Republican Activist

Liz Gorman, Commissioner, Cook County Board

Earl Gough, Republican Activist (Cook)

Kim Gouker, Precinct Committeeman/Member, County Board (Ogle)

Rhonda Graff, Republican Activist

Karen Green, Precinct Committeeman (McLean)

Steve Greenberg, 8th District Congressional Candidate 2008

Angela Greenwell, Commissioner/Alexander County GOP Chairman

Greg Griffin, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

Andy Haaf, Republican Activist

David Hale, Coordinator, Rockford Tea Party

Melwyn Hallam, Republican Activist

Sue Hamilton, Williamson County GOP Chairman

Kenneth Hansson, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

Robert D. Hartley, Precinct Committeeman (Rock Island)

Todd Hartwell, Republican Activist

Brent Hasse, Precinct Committeeman (Kendall)

Katherine Havel, Republican Activist

Art Havenhill, Tea Party Activist (LaSalle)

Michael Hawkins, Republican Activist

Mike Hayden, Republican Activist

Isaac Hayes, 2nd District Congressional Candidate 2010

Nancy Hayhurst, Republican Activist (Kane)

Cynthia Hebda, Candidate for State Representative, 59th District

Brian Heckert, Washington County GOP Chairman

Joe Hedrick, Niles Township Committeeman (Cook)

Cheryl A. Heidenreich, Republican Activist

Harold L. Heidenreich, Republican Activist

Drew Heidgerken, Coordinator, Republican Young Professionals

Laurie Hellmer, Cook County Tea Party

Sally Henson, Precinct Committeeman (Clay)

Chuck Hernandez, Candidate for State Central Commitee 2010

Wayne Heusel, Republican Activist

Laurie Higgins, Conservative Activist

Robert Hoban, Community Representative, Mark T. Skinner Elementary School

Leland H. (Lee) Hoffer, Precinct Committeeman (Kendall)

Bill Hogan, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

Babette Holder-Youngberg, Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)

Jim Hollenbeck, Republican Activist

Deb Holscher, Conservative Activist (Will)

Fredric J. Holtgren, Republican Activist

Julie Hood, Republican Activist (Morgan)

Bruce T. Hopple, Republican Voter (Cook)

Roy Horras, Concerned Citizen and Republican Activist (Cook)

Sandy Hotz, Precinct Committeeman (Marion)

Patti Howard, Precinct Committeeman (Williamson)

Patrick Hughes, Candidate for U.S. Senate 2010

Randy Hultgren, former State Senator/U.S. Congressman

Jerry Hurtubise, Republican Activist

Jerry Hussey, Independence Caucus Region Director

Warner Todd Huston, Republican Activist

Linda Hutcheson, Republican Activist (Clay)

David Ibendahl, Member, Nashville High School Board (Washington)

Doug Ibendahl, Republican Activist (Cook)

Jean Ibendahl, Republican Activist (Perry)/former Candidate for State Representative

Sue Ibendahl, Republican Activist (Washington)

Bud Idlewine, Republican Activist

Mel Ingram, Conservative Activist (McHenry)/former Arkansas GOP County Chairman

Jeanne Ives, Candidate for State Representative (2012)

Nancy Iwankovitsch, Conservative Activist/Co-Owner of The Conservative Magazine of Illinois

Greg Jacobs, Republican Activist

Lennie Jarratt, Republican Activist (Lake)

Gregory Jenkins, Precinct Committeeman (LaSalle)

Barbara Johnson, Republican Activist

Christine Johnson, State Senator

Jan Johnson, Republican Voter

Jerry Johnson, Decatur Tea Party Activist

Pam Johnson, Decatur Tea Party Activist

Ralph G. Johnson, Precinct Committeeman (Macon)

Tom Johnson, State Senator

Wayne Johnson, Republican Activist

Margie Jones, Republican Activist

Ralph Jones, Vice-President, Stickney Regular Republican Organization (Cook)

Wendell Jones (dec.), former State Senator

Mary Joestgen, Republican Activist

Neil Joslun, Conservative Activist (McHenry)

Steve Joutras, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

Andy Kaczmarek, Precinct Committeeman (Kendall)

Anne Kaczmarek, Republican Activist (LaSalle)

Lou Kaczmarek, Republican Activist (LaSalle)

Charlene Kalebic, Republican Activist

Gary Karlin, Republican Activist

Peter S. Karlovics, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Kathleen Kauffman, Republican Activist (Stephenson)

Bill Keck, Kane County Auditor

Joyce Kellogg, Republican Activist (LaSalle)

David Kelly, Republican Activist (Madison)

William J. Kelly, Candidate for 42nd Ward Committeeman 2012 (Cook)

Mike Kenyon, Kane County GOP Chairman

Sylvia Keppel, Precinct Committeeman (Kane)

Chuck Kern, Wheatland Township Clerk (Will)

Bobbi Keyser, Republican Activist/Leader of Morton 9-12 (Tazwell)

Jan Klaas, Winnebago County GOP Chairman

George Kocan, Republican Activist (DuPage)

Michael Koerner, Republican Activist

Pam Koesche, Elgin Tea Party (Kane) 

Wayne Kolweier, Republican Activist

Jackie Kooiman, Republican Activist (LaSalle)

Liam Koppe, Republican Activist

Gene Koprowski, Committee Member, Draft Sarah Palin 2012 (Cook)

Joe Kordik, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

Andy Korte, Conservative Activist

Maida Korte, Conservative Activist

Andrew Kovari, Precinct Committeeman (McHenry)

Darryl Kowalewski, Husband, Father, Business Owner & Patriot (Cook)

Bob Kramer, Republican Voter

Deb Kraulidis, Tea Party Activist (Will)

Tim Kraulidis, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

Brian M. Krause, Attorney (Cook)

Carolyn Krause, former State Representative

Rick Kuhn, Republican Activist (Kendall)

Peter LaBarbera, Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)/Founder, Republicans for Family Values

Linda LaFianza, Evanston Township Committeeman (Cook)

Darin LaHood, State Senator

Ray LaHood, former U.S. Congressman

Carl Lambrecht, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Luther Landon, Precinct Committeeman (Winnebago)

Victor LaPorte, Republican Activist

Sharon Larson, Member, Northern Illinois Tea Party

Dave Laske, Member, Niles Township Republican Organization (Cook County)

Chris Lauzen, State Senator

Sarah Lauzen, Precinct Committeeman (Kane)

Jeff Lawson, Precinct Committeeman (Kendall)

Gary Lewis, Superintendent, Shiloh CUSD #1 (Edgar)

Bill M. Leubscher, Precinct Captain (Cook)

Cindy Limbach, Precinct Committeeman (Grundy)

Rhonda Linders, Alton T.E.A. Party Organizer/Precinct Committeeman (Jersey)

John Logan, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Jim Long, Precinct Committeeman/Downers Grove Township Area Chair (DuPage)

Bill Lopotko, Precinct Committeeman (Peoria)

Don Lowery, Candidate for U.S. Senate 2010

Dave Luechtefeld, State Senator

Thomas R. Lux, Sr., Tea Party Activist

Dr. Spomenka Luedi, Republican Activist (DuPage)

Jake Mabus, Illinois 19th District Coordinator, Campaign for Liberty

Gary MacDougal, former Chairman, Illinois Republican Party

Jim MacRunnels, Candidate for Kane County Board Chairman 2008

Peter G. Malone, Conservative Activist/Precinct Committeeman (Kane)

Patrick Markham, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

Kathy Marley, Republican Activist

Steve Marshall, Precinct Committeeman (LaSalle)

Jack Martin, Executive Director, Republican Assembly of Lake County

Joel Martin, Republican Voter

Sharon Martiniak, Precinct Committeman (Will)

Jim Mathis, Precinct Committeeman (Edgar)

Rick May, Conservative Activist

Jim Mayer, Republican Activist

David McAloon, 11th Dist. Congressional Candidate 2010/State Director, Tea Party of Illinois

David McCabe, Moultrie County GOP Chairman/Moultrie County Board Chairman

Sam McCann, State Senator

Kyle McCarter, State Senator

Mayo McCarthy, Treasurer, Republican Assembly of Lake County

Susan McCauley, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

Rebekah McCaw, Henry County Board Candidate 2010

Beverly McDowell, Conservative Activist

Inara L. McGroarty, Precinct Committeeman (Winnebago)

C. McIver, Republican Activist

Chris McNeil, Republican Activist (Will)

Thomas McWilliams, Precinct Committeeman (Kendall)

Shawn Meffen, Tea Party Patriot, Republican Voter/Activist (Lake)

Alicia Melton, Precinct Committeeman (Madison)

Jackie Menconi, Republican Activist (Cook)

Donald Metzler, former Madison County GOP Chairman

Jeffrey A. Meyer, Precinct Committeeman (Kane)

Richard Michaels, Tea Party Activist

Rob Mikyska, Republican Activist (Kane) 

Lillian Milam, Republican Activist (Union)

Andrew Milan, Conservative Activist (Kane)

Deborah Miller, Republican Activist

Joe Miller, Political Activist

Kate Miller, Republican Activist

Sherri A. Miller, Carroll County GOP Chairman

Steve Miller, 7th District Congressional Candidate 2008

Paul Mitchell, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Bob Mitchler, retired State Senator/Precinct Committeeman (Kendall) 

Shane Montgomery, Chicago 42nd Ward Committeeman Candidate 2008

Robert Moon, Tea Party Patriots

Andrew Moore, Republican Activist (Cook)

Joseph Morris, Founder, Chicago Conservative Conference

Tom Morrison, State Representative

Rich Morthland, State Representative

Bill Mortlock, Precinct Committeeman (Mason)

Edward Motley, Precinct Committeeman (Edgar)/Candidate for Edgar County Sheriff 2010

Joe Muccianti, Precinct Committeeman

Carol Muller, Precinct Committeeman (Menard)

Ruth Munson, former State Representative

Fred Murino, Republican Activist

Ed Murnane, President, Illinois Civil Justice League

Shaun Murphy, Worth Township Committeeman (Cook)

Jim Nalepa, Republican Activist (DuPage)

Matt Nance, Precinct Committeeman (Tazwell)

Myron Neff, Monroe County GOP Chairman

Teri Davis Newman, Candidate for U.S. Congress 2010

Richard Newton, Coordinator, Tri-Count-Teas Tea Party

John H. Nickels, Republican Activist

C. David Nuessen, former Mayor of Quincy (Adams)

Charlie Nystrom, Republican Activist (Lake)

Walt Oakley, Precinct Committeeman

Jim Oberweis, Republican State Central Committeeman

June O’Donoghue, Northfield Township Committeeman (Cook)

Barbara Offill, Coordinator, Watseka/Iroquois County TEA Party

Michael Olik, Stickney Township Committeeman (Cook)

Patrick O’Malley, former State Senator

Barbara Otte, Republican Activist (Kane)

Carole Pankau, State Senator

Terry Parke, former State Representative

Michael Paro, Republican Activist

John Parrott, McLean County GOP Chairman

Virginia Patterson, Republican Activist

Garrett Peck, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

Tony Peraica, former Cook County Board Commissioner/Lyons Township Committeeman

Marvin Perez, Republican Activist

Beverly Perlson, Republican Activist (DuPage)

George Perros, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

Steve Perry, Candidate for State Representative 2012

Bill Peterson, former State Senator/former State Central Committeeman

Suzanne Petrella, Kendall County Board

Jan Petrie, Citizen Activist

Ron Petrucci, Republican Activist (Kane)

Susan Petty, Precinct Committeeman (Effingham)

David Pfeifer, Chairman, Waukegan Township Republican Organization (Lake)

Karl Pfizenmaier, Conservative Activist (Kendall)

John F. Philipchuck, Precinct Committeeman (Kendall)

Sheila Renee Pinson, Tea Party Supporter

Jody Pitcher, Peoria City Vice Chairman/Committeeman/Leader of Peoria 9/12 Project

Matt Pitcher, Committeeman/President of The Conservative Magazine Of Illinois

Janelle Pitula, Precinct Committeeman (Kendall)

Tom Pliura, Candidate for State Senate 51st District 2012

Jason Plummer, Lt. Governor Nominee 2010

John Polsene, Republican Activist

Tony Pomonis, Precinct Committeeman (Champaign)

Vivienne Porter, Homer Lockport Tea Party

John Poshepny, Republican Activist

Willard G. Pott, Republican Activist

Maureen D. Pott, Republican Activist

Traci Powers, Tea Party Activist (Lake)

Dennis Presley, Precinct Committeeman (Williamson)

Bob Pritchard, State Representative

Matthew Prochaska, Precinct Committeeman/Secretary, Kendall County Central Committee

Dan Proft, Candidate for Governor 2010

Nick Provenzano, McHenry County Board Member

Mike Psak, U.S. Senate Candidate 2008

Rosanna Pulido, Republican Activist (Cook)

Jim Purcell, Republican Activist

Susan Puryear, Conservative Activist/Member, Peoria County Republican Women (Peoria)

Christine Radogno, State Senator

David Ratowitz, Candidate for Congress 2010

Steve Rauschenberger, former State Senator

Aakash Raut, Precinct Committeeman (Sangamon)

Tony Raymond, Director of Northern Illinois Patriots (Lake)

Bob Redfern, Chairman, Illinos Forum

John Reeves, Republican Activist (Kendall)

Al Reynolds, Candidate for State Senate 2010 (Vermilion)

Sue Rezin, State Senator

Mark Rhoads, former State Senator

George Richter, Republican Activist

David Rickert, Kane County Treasurer

Dale Righter, State Senator

Mike Rinehart, Clay County Board Member

Dale Risinger, State Senator

Rafael Rivadeneira, Chairman, Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois

Richard Rockenbach, Col.USMC (RET.), Patriot

Jay J. Rodriguez, President, Republican Hispanic Organization

Chapin Rose, State Representative

Jim Rowe, Republican Activist

Tom Rowland, Founding Member, Republican Assembly of Lake County

Jim Rule, Precinct Committeeman (Tazwell)

Brian J. Russell, Precinct Committeeman (Kendall)/Kendall County YR Secretary

Dennis C. Ryan, Secretary, Western Kane County Republican Organization

Jack Ryan, former Candidate for U.S. Senate 2004

John Ryan, Precinct Committeeman (McHenry)

Lawrence D. Ryan, Republican Activist (Cook)

Ron Rybolt, Republican Activist (Christian)

Chris Saletta, Republican Activist

Scott Salvati, Republican Activist (Kane)

Kathy Salvi, 8th District Congressional Candidate 2006

Ron Sandack, State Senator

Irene Doyle Sandler, Member, Evanston Republican Club (Cook)

Cathy Santos, Republican Activist (Cook)

Frank Sarver, Republican Activist (Tazwell)

Roger Sassen, Republican Activist

Joe Savino, Republican Activist (Cook)

Arlene Sawicki, Catholic Women Pro-Life Activist

Steve Scherrer, Precinct Committeeman (Winnebago)

Barbara Schexnayder, Republican Activist (Stephenson)

Bobby Schilling, U.S. Congressman

Gerald Schilling, Tea Party Activist (DuPage)

Harry Schlichting, Republican Activist (Lake)

Robert P. (Bob) Schmidt, Assistant Precinct Committeeman (Kane)

Suzi Schmidt, State Senator

Chelsea Schopper, Secretary, Lake County Central Committee/Precinct Committeemen

Carl Segvich, 11th Ward Committeeman (Cook)

Keith Sellers, Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)

Diane Shapiro, 46th Ward Committeeman (Cook)

Darlene Sharpe, Precinct Committeeman

Robert Shearer, Jr., 49th Ward Committeeman (Cook)

Rod Sheldon, Precinct Committeeman (Kendall)

Bob Shelstrom, IPI Liberty Leader

Dave Sheppard, Republican Activist (Jasper)

Carol Sherby, Republican Activist

Gordon J. Shipp, Republican Activist (Bureau)

Craig Simmons, Coordinator, Republican Young Professionals

David Sipe, Republican Activist

Allen Skillicorn, Precinct Committeeman (Kane)

B.J. Slinger, Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)

Chris Slusser, Member, Madison County Board

Brian Smith, Chairman, Will County Young Republicans

Dave Smith, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

Keith Smith, Republican Actvist (Cook)

Kelley C. Smith, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Sandra Smith, Harrisburg Tea Party (Saline)

T.R. Smith, Chairman, Western Township Central Committee (Kane)

Jodi Sorce, Conservative/TEA Party Activist

Rev. Jack L. (Captain) Spani, Precinct Committeeman (Williamson)

Alice Spanos, Republican Activist

Pete Speer, Republican Activist

Ralph E. Sprovier, Regional Coordinator, Illinois TPP

Mike Steffen, Precinct Committeeman (Rock Island)

Lee A. Steinsdoerfer, Conservative Precinct Committeeman (McHenry)

Mary B. Steinsdoerfer, Conservative Republican (McHenry)

Mark Stern, Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)

Cindy Stevens, Republican Activist (Winnebago)

Steve Stevlic, Coordinator, Chicago Tea Party (Cook)

John Stevo, Calumet Township Committeeman (Cook)

Hugh Stipan, Frankfort Township Committeeman/former Will County Republican Chairman

Jerry Stocks, Macon County GOP Chairman

David Stokes, Precinct Committeeman (Kane)

Don Stone, President, EIU College Republicans

Sam Stratmeyer, former County GOP Chairman (Massac)

Peter Strom, Conservative Activist (DuPage)

Dan Sugrue, Candidate for State Representative 2010 (Lake)

Ed Sullivan, Jr., State Representative

Sally Sullivan, Republican Activist

Angela M. Sumbles, Political Activist

Jacob Swain, President, Regional Board of Education for Franklin and Williamson Counties

Mike Sweeney, Elk Grove Township Committeeman (Cook)

Dave Syverson, State Senator/State Central Committeeman

Michael Tams, Precinct Committeeman (DuPage)

Donna Taylor, “We the People” Member

Paul A. Thomas, former State Central Committeeman

Nancy Thorner, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Stephenie Todd, Republican Activist (Kendall)

Ken Toftoy, Kendall County Chairman

Don Tracy, Candidate for Lt. Governor 2010

Joe Tragesser, Republican Activist (Lake)

Douglas Troiani, Bloom Township Committeeman (Cook)

Doreen True, Secretary, Republican Assembly of Lake County

Raymond True, Chairman, Republican Assembly of Lake County

Scott Tucker, Candidate for State Representative 2010 (Cook)

Mary Kay Tully, Republican Activist

Lauren Turelli, Candidate for State Representative 2010

Jerry Vachaparambil, Student Activist

Athena VanDyke, Conservative (Clay)

Sig Vaznelis, Lemont Township Committeeman (Cook)

Martha Vera, Precinct Committeeman

Joseph Volpendesta, Republican Activist (Lake)

Pat Wagner, former LaSalle County GOP Chairman

Bill Walker, Coordinator, Will County Tea Party/IL Tax Day Tea Party/New Lenox Tea Party

Bruce Wallace, Jackson County GOP Chairman

Laura Wallett, Conservative Activist (Kane)

Diane Reiners Walsh, Precinct Committeeman (Logan)

Joe Walsh, U.S. Congressman

Elmer Walter, County Board (LaSalle County)

Brian Warfel, Conservative (McLean)

Leonard Wass, Republican Activist and Concerned Citizen (Kendall)

Frank Watson, former State Senator

Jim Watson, State Representative

Linda Webb, Precinct Committeeman (Lake)

Nancy Weber, Republican Activist

Jack C. Weis, Republican Activist and Reformer (Kendall)

Keith Wheeler, Candidate for State Representative 2010/former Kendall County Chairman

Andy White, Coordinator, Republican Young Professionals

Douglas Whitley, President/CEO, Illinois Chamber of Commerce

Joe Wiegand, Precinct Committeeman (DeKalb)

Dave Winters, State Representative

A. J. Wiss, Christian County GOP Chairman

Chris Wong, Candidate for State Representative 2002/former Chicago 25th Ward Committeeman

Bob Wood, Pro-Life Republican Activist (Logan)

Virginia Wray, Conservative Activist

Gabriela Wyatt, Republican National Hispanic Assembly Vice-President

John Wyeth, Precinct Committeeman (Kendall)

Stephen Youhanaie, Precinct Committeeman (Kendall)

Bill Yukich, Precinct Committeeman (Will)

Doug Zacheis, Republican Activist (Washington)

Jon Zahm, Chairman, Kane County Conservative Coalition/Precinct Committeeman (Henry)

Dan Zanoza (dec.), Executive Director, Committeeman (Logan)

Joseph Zarka, Conservative Activist (LaSalle)

David Zumwalt, former Chairman, Zion Township Republican Committee (Lake)

Erin Zweigart, Candidate for U. S. Congress 2004 (Lee)






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