Cook County Republicans


Cook CountyAaron Del Mar, Chairman



Cook County GOP Township and Ward Organizations. For a list of the 30 GOP Township and 50 Chicago GOP Ward Organizations, go here.


SB600. Del Mar’s position on Senate Bill 35 is unknown.


Precinct Committeemen. By law, Precinct Committeemen are not elected in Cook County. However, Ward and Township Committeeman can appoint them. Such appointed Precinct Committeemen have no voting rights under the law.


2008 Presidential Race. In the 2008 Presidential election, the county supported Democrat Barack Obama 76-23% over Republican John McCain.


2004 Presidential Race. In the 2004 Presidential election, the county supported Democrat John Kerry 70-29% over Republican George W. Bush.


About Cook County. Cook County was created on January 15, 1831 out of Putnam County by an act of the Illinois State Legislature. Shortly thereafter, in 1839, DuPage County was carved out of Cook County.


Cook County was the 54th county established in Illinois and was named after Daniel Cook, a pioneer lawyer and one of the earliest and youngest statesmen in Illinois history. Cook was the first Attorney General of the State of Illinois and Representative in Congress from 1819 to 1827.


There are over 130 incorporated municipalities in Cook County, the largest of which is the county seat, Chicago, which makes up approximately 54% of the population of the county. The county is divided into thirty different townships. Learn More


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