State GOP Central Committeeman Carol Donovan (District 7)


Carol Donovan was appointed to the State Central Committee on November 24, 2005, after serving as Deputy State Central Committeewoman since 2001. Donovan replaced the late Steven Meyer.


Despite some desperate attempts to rig the process in her favor, Donovan lost her bid for Republican National Committeewoman at the 2008 GOP State Convention to pro-SB600 candidate Demetra DeMonte.


Since becoming a State Central Committeeman, Donovan has aligned herself with the leftwing pro-gay, pro-abortion, pro-corruption wing of the Republican Party. Donovan is affiliated with the small clown cabal in Chicago that has done such embarrassing things as trying to slate hard-core Democrats for vacant Republican ballot slots. In 2008 that included trying to slate a former Chicago Democratic Alderman who had spent three years in prison on corruption charges, for the office of Republican State Representative in the 32nd House District.


Also in 2008, Donovan angered Republicans in Chicago when she openly endorsed useless candidates like Tom Swiss and Eloise Gerson for Republican Ward Committeemen. She even did robocalls for her inferior candidates using her State Central Committeeman title. State Party resources were also unethically misused to give a leg up to her anti-reform stooges. Donovan clearly didn’t care an iota about supporting the best candidates. Instead her only concern was backing cronies who would rubberstamp her in the next State Central Committeeman contest. The GOP has died in the 7th Congressional District under Donovan’s watch.


Donovan is the owner of Smith & Donovan Confections, Inc.


Donovan was a Delegate to the 2004 Republican National Convention and was appointed an At-Large Delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention.


If you would like to urge Carol Donovan to do the right thing and resign, here is the email address:


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