RNC Ethics Chief not worried about RNC’s ethics

 By THE WATCHDOG • April 8, 2010


The WatchdogPantagraph reporter Kurt Erickson overlooks two important facts in his latest article: Illinois GOP chief OK with Steele.


First, Erickson correctly notes that Pat Brady is the Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party – but he fails to mention that Brady is also the Chairman of the RNC’s Ethics Committee. (See here and here).


Second, Erickson quotes Brady saying “the problems that have surfaced in recent weeks don’t seem to be making a dent in fundraising efforts with six months to go before the November election.”


Brady gets a pass on all of the evidence to the contrary – evidence that keeps building. See for example: Top RNC fundraiser resigned over the Steele controversy; More bad news for Michael Steele: RNC loses March fundraising race to DNC; and A conservative PAC you can trust, unlike the RNC.


And on Wednesday, new allegations surfaced raising more ethical questions concerning Steele and the RNC. See: Former RNC official: Steele struck a deal with Michigan GOP to increase fundraising numbers, possibly to circumvent federal funding limits.


And last week there was another dustup over yet another bumble: RNC fund-raising letter inadvertently led potential donors to phone-sex line.


Erickson’s article concludes with this quote from Pat Brady: “I think this will eventually go away. I’m not concerned at all.”


Right, it will all go away. That was also Pat Brady’s attitude on vacant precincts leading up to the March 3rd GOP County Conventions. He ignored that problem too, and the lack of leadership led to chaos, with at least one stolen election for State Central Committeeman.


The RNC under Michael Steele and enablers like Pat Brady clearly isn’t serious about fielding the best opposition to the Democrats. They’re more concerned with self-perpetuation and self-promotion.


Until competent leadership is restored, The Watchdog recommends that you bypass the RNC and instead give directly to the good Republican candidate(s) of your choice.



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