State GOP Central Committeeman Angelo “Skip” Saviano (District 5)


First of all, everyone knows Skip Saviano is really a Chicago Democrat. The guy’s contributed financially to tons of Democrats, including to Rod Blagojevich. Skip even served on Blago’s Transition Team!


Saviano not only regularly writes checks to Democrats, he campaigns side-by-side with some of the most liberal and tainted ones. He has a history of supporting a Democrat even over a good Republican challenger.


Saviano’s relationships are with some of the dirtiest and most ethically-challenged Chicago Democrats out there. We’re talking Party betrayal on an unprecedented scale.


As you’ll see here, over $100,000 in campaign cash has been transferred in recent years between Saviano’s political committee and various Democratic politicians and organizations. 


Some of the Democrats Saviano has supported over the years are: Rod Blagojevich; Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley; Speaker of the House Mike Madigan; Tim Drea; State Senator John Cullerton; Democratic State Representative Lovana “Lou” Jones; Secretary of State Jesse White; Democratic State Senator James DeLeo; former Democratic Mayor of Melrose Park Ronald Serpico; Democratic State Senator Don Harmon; former Democratic State Representative Bob Bugielski; Democratic State Representative Kevin Joyce; former Democratic State Representative Edgar Lopez; Democrat Cook County Recorder of Deeds Eugene Moore; Democratic Water Reclamation District Commissioner Terrence O’Brien; Democratic Chicago Alderman William Banks; President of Franklin Park Daniel Pritchett; Democratic Cook County Board Commissioner Larry Suffredin; Democratic 31st Chicago Ward Committeeman Joseph Berrios; and Democratic Cook County Assessor James M. Houlihan.


Saviano has also contributed to Democratic organizations, such as Democratic Party of Leyden Township; 33rd Ward Democratic Organization; 36th Democratic Ward Organization; Equality Illinois; Democratic Party of Oak Park; and the Coalition for Better Government.


For more information on Saviano’s controversial contributions, go here.


And of course Saviano not only regularly gives money to and receives money from Democrats – he typically supports the same agenda in the Springfield General Assembly as the most liberal Chicago Democrats. To view his extremely liberal voting record, go here.


Saviano and Tom Cross led the charge just last year to partner the House Republicans with Blagojevich on a massive gambling expansion scheme. It was only thanks to Democratic House Speaker Mike Madigan that Blagojevich was prevented from having billions more to spend.


Saviano is also one of the Republicans closely tied to the Tony Rezko/Stuary Levine mess. 


Saviano was listed as a patron on the Rezko “clout list” – a list of names of individuals for whom, or from whom, Rezko allegedly sought favors. “Patrons” are people with close ties to the governor or politicians with their own clout acting as sponsors for friends, family members or business associates who either wanted a state job or a position of power on a state board or commission.


Saviano has also been one of the most adamant opponents to the reform legislation Senate Bill 35 (formerly SB600). He has repeatedly lied and cheated to keep the rank-and-file disenfranchised and voiceless in their own state party.


Why Saviano even bothers to keep an “R” by his name is a question only he can answer.


Saviano was appointed an At-Large Delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention.


If you would like to urge Skip Saviano to do the right thing and resign, here is the email address:



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