Illinois Republican State Central Committee


The Illinois Republican State Central Committee is the senior governing board of the Illinois Republican Party. There is one State Central Committeeman chosen for each U.S. Congressional District.


The 18 members of the State Central Committeemen serve a four year term and are selected at the county conventions.


Shaun Murphy (District 1)

Judy Diekelman (District 2)

Sean Morrison (District 3)

Jay Reyes (District 4)

Jack Dorgan (District 5)

Brian Colgan (District 6)

Carol Donovan (District 7)

Ryan Higgins (District 8)

Blair Garber (District 9)

Mark Shaw (District 10)

Roger Claar (District 11)

Michael Neubert (District 12)

Fred Floreth (District 13)

Stan Bond (District 14)

Bob Winchester (District 15)

John McGlasson (District 16)

Jan Weber (District 17)

Mike Bigger (District 18)


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