Illinois Republican State Central Committee


The Illinois Republican State Central Committee is the senior governing board of the Illinois Republican Party. There is one State Central Committeeman chosen for each U.S. Congressional District.


The 19 members of the State Central Committeemen serve a four year term and are selected at the county conventions.


Steven Daglas (District 1)

Judy Diekelman (District 2)

Angel Garcia (District 3)

VACANT (District 4)

Skip Saviano (District 5)

Chris Kachiroubas (District 6)

Carol Donovan (District 7)

Eugene Dawson (District 8)

Jack Dorgan* (District 9)

Mark Shaw (District 10)

Barbara Peterson (District 11)

Deb Detmers (District 12)

Roger Claar (District 13)

Jim Oberweis (District 14)

Jerry Clarke (District 15)

Dave Syverson (District 16)

Judy Dudek (District 17)

Mike Bigger (District 18)

Bob Winchester (District 19)


* Jack Dorgan was selected State GOP Chair on June 1, 2013. It is unclear whether Dorgan will be required to relinquish his State Central Committee title.



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