By DOUG IBENDAHL • April 2, 2009


Great news! Senate Bill 600 passed out of the Senate today with overwhelming support. The vote in favor was 44 to 13.


Every Senator – Democrat and Republican – who voted YES deserves the thanks of each and every Illinois Republican.


We want to say special thanks to Senator Chris Lauzen who did a magnificent job leading the charge in Springfield for months. Today he wrapped things up with a wonderful speech on the floor.


We’ll obviously have a lot more to say about SB600 – including about the thirteen Republicans who voted NO. But this message is about the good people, the real leaders. Tonight there is no reason to tarnish an otherwise fantastic day by talking about the wrong vote of just thirteen. We’ll revisit the disappointments soon enough.


We not only want to thank the Senators who stood up for real democracy and accountability – we also want to thank YOU. SB600 never would have cleared this first major hurdle if the Senators didn’t know how much Republicans wanted this reform.


Now the fight moves to the House and more work awaits us there. But real reform is going to prevail. There is just no stopping good Republicans when right is on their side.


Thank you again for all of your hard work on SB600.


Below is the list of Senators and how they voted today. It’s also available here on the General Assembly’s website.



Pamela Althoff; Michael Bond; Brad Burzynski; James Clayborne; Jacqueline Collins; Maggie Crotty; John Cullerton; James DeLeo; William Delgado; Deanna Demuzio; Kirk Dillard; Gary Forby; Michael Frerichs; Susan Garrett; William Haine; Don Harmon; Rickey Hendon; Linda Holmes; Mattie Hunter; Toi Hutchinson; Mike Jacobs; Emil Jones III; Dan Kotowski; Chris Lauzen; Kim Lightford; Terry Link; David Luechtefeld; Edward Maloney; Iris Martinez; James Meeks; Antonio Munoz; Michael Noland; Carole Pankau; Christine Radogno; Kwame Raoul; Martin Sandoval; Jeff Schoenberg; Ira Silverstein; Heather Steans; John Sullivan; Dave Syverson; Donne Trotter; Louis Viverito; A.J. Wilhelmi



Tim Bivins; Larry Bomke; Bill Brady; Dan Cronin; Gary Dahl; Dan Duffy; Randy Hultgren; John O. Jones; Kyle McCarter; John Millner; Matt Murphy; Dale Righter; Dan Rutherford



David Koehler



Dale Risinger


Doug Ibendahl is a Chicago Attorney and a former General Counsel of the Illinois Republican Party.



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