Hysterical Ninnies owe President Trump an apology

By DOUG E. IBENDAHL • July 19, 2018



How many times do President Trump’s enemies have to lose?


How many more states do they have to put in the Trump win column for 2020 before they finally realize their over-the-top hysteria is only succeeding in driving rational people away from their crusade on a daily basis?


Democrats and their media comrades gave it their all during the 2016 campaign. They failed miserably. But rather than perform any serious introspection, they all decided to double-down on the crazy.


From the moment the election was finally called in the wee hours of November 9, 2016, the Trump haters have been a coiled spring, waiting to pounce into action at any perceived misstep by the new President.


And lack of an actual misstep is no hindrance once you’ve convinced yourself it’s okay to just make things up, because after all, you long ago deluded yourself that you’re some kind of hero for trying to stop a man who is like Hitler, only worse.


We’ve all witnessed countless hissy fits since Trump descended that escalator on June 16, 2015 to announce his candidacy (can you believe it’s been over three years?). Irrational hysterics from the Trump detractors is certainly nothing new.


But seeing our President onstage with Vladimir Putin was a triggering event like no other. Actually seeing in the flesh the man they blame for disclosing the Democrat emails which revealed to voters just how breathtakingly corrupt Hillary Clinton’s campaign operation truly was and the disturbing lengths Hillary’s people went to in rigging the Democratic Party’s nominating process against Bernie Sanders was far too much to endure.


Never mind that the identical “experts” say the Russians also worked to hack Republicans too (but were largely deterred by more sophisticated security), the Russians committed a mortal sin when they provided American voters with information the in-the-tank media never would have on its own.


Democrats really don’t give a damn that some voting records of the fine folks in Galesburg, Illinois and elsewhere were tapped into by some clumsy Russians in an amateurish hack. Anyone in America can purchase almost the same information for a nominal fee from local election authorities or the State Board of Elections.


Democrats are really only miffed by those hacked emails and the embarrassing information they revealed about Hillary’s closest handlers. But the outrage is even more phony than that. The Russia obsession is all about a desperate effort to delegitimize Trump’s presidency. Trump knows it and so does every other rational person out there.


Trump’s enemies finally thought they had him after the press conference with Putin. They really thought they would finally have something to show for the three years of their lives they’ve squandered obsessively hating on one man.


Trump misspoke one word, and they pounced. No one stopped to consider that public speakers make innocent mistakes all the time, trivial oratory goofs where the true intent was clear. This is especially to be expected of someone like Donald Trump who is an extremely gifted extemporaneous speaker, and the rare official who isn’t chained to reading dry platitudes from a teleprompter.


If journalism was still a profession with any actual professionals left, someone would have asked the President, or his communications staff, for confirmation before going full bore crazy. But doing the professional and decent thing would of course be inconvenient for the agenda.


When Trump quickly clarified the word he misspoke and set the record straight, even that was dishonestly reported. He didn’t “backtrack” or “reverse his position.” All he was doing was making it clear that what he intended to say at the press conference with Putin was 100% consistent with what he has said many times before, and dating back to at least January 11, 2017, after he was elected but before he was sworn-in to office.


This video contains just some of the conclusive proof of Trump acknowledging the Russian meddling.



It is beyond reprehensible that the media failed to do simple due diligence and refused to recognize that Trump has definitively said on many occasions that Russia meddled in our election. And yes, he has also said that it’s quite possible other nations and/or individuals are trying to meddle as well. Can anyone seriously dispute that suspicion? Are we supposed to be so singularly focused on hating Russia that we blind ourselves to more sophisticated threats from China or elsewhere?


Calling any U.S. President a “traitor” is beyond the pale and inexcusable, but especially this President. There is no one alive on the planet today who loves our country more than Donald J. Trump.


Trump’s enemies are blind alright. It’s a form of hysterical blindness, which is the outdated name given to the condition people can sometimes suffer after an overly stressful experience. Go back and review the reactions of network commentators on election night 2016 and you get the idea.


Even more embarrassing for the haters, just a few days before the Putin meeting they were attacking the President for having the nerve to call out some of our NATO allies for becoming so dependent on Russia for energy and putting so much hard currency in Putin’s pocket. They also attacked Trump for urging all NATO members to spend significantly more on defense, much of which would go to keeping one country, Russia, in check.


The Hill has an excellent article listing many other actions proving how President Trump has been much tougher on Russia in just 18 months than Obama was in 8 years.


It goes without saying the hysterical ninnies don’t care about facts. The truth is their enemy. This latest hissy fit was their Battle of the Bulge. They know they’ve been steadily losing ground for three years. Even some of their longest serving troops have been walking away and over to President Trump’s side.


So they threw everything in to this latest battle. But once again the hysterical ninnies overplayed their hand. By calling the President who has been the toughest on Russia a “traitor” who is working for Russia, they’ve squandered what little credibility they had left.


The so-called Republicans who panicked and abandoned the President while giving aid-and-comfort to his hysterical enemies will also never be taken seriously again by serious people.


Our President deserves an apology but so do the American people. The appalling conduct of the hysterical ninnies truly does embolden Putin. It’s an open display of exactly the kind of division and intramural fighting in America which Russia has been trying to foster here ever since their communist revolution of 1917.


With useful idiots working every day in America to undermine a U.S. President who is tougher on Russia than any U.S. President in history (save possibly Reagan), Vladamir Putin can take extra joy in that next shirtless horseback ride.


Doug Ibendahl is a Chicago Attorney and a former General Counsel of the Illinois Republican Party.


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