HEMINGWAY: Trump Renders Media Blind To All But Chaos


Was this week one of chaos and doom? Is it time for Republicans to break norms and oust duly elected presidents? Is the situation that bad?


If you’re focused on tweets, as the media in particular are, President Trump threatened the “licenses” of media outlets he accused of promulgating fake news, told suffering Puerto Ricans that some of their problems predate Hurricane Maria, and engaged in various other antics.


Tweets, as presidential rhetoric, are far more important than anonymously sourced gossip. And threats against freedom of the press, religion, speech, or guns are never a good look for a president, and never defensible. Yet it’s worth looking at the more substantive week Trump had, the one away from Twitter and gossip.


Read More: http://thefederalist.com/2017/10/14/trump-renders-media-blind-to-all-but-chaos/


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