BIVER: Learning Moment for Conservatives Losing the Information War




Since Donald Trump entered the race last summer I’ve written very little about him, but I have linked to a lot of articles explaining the Trump phenomenon. I’ve never seen anything like it. Forget the lefties and what they have to say. What has been the most fascinating thing to watch has been the response to his candidacy by so many Republicans, conservatives, and Christians.


For those of you who think Trump is despicable, awful, terrible, disgusting, etc., etc., I have a simple a simple question that I’ve yet to get sufficiently answered: What, exactly, has been accomplished by all those wonderful, conservative, Christian politicians we’ve been electing for decades?


On what battlefield are conservative causes winning?





If you’re going to get upset about where we are at in 2016, doesn’t it make more sense to consider the collective failure of the conservative movement and the tens of thousands of people who have played a part in it for the past couple of decades?


Instead, it’s Donald Trump that has caused great distress on the political right. Why? Because he’s seen as crude, crass, immoral, and intemperate.


Let’s compare Trump’s crudeness, crassness, immorality, and intemperance to the collective failure of conservatives over the course of the past few decades. On second thought, let’s not bother. There is no comparison.


Dear fellow conservatives — if you’re going to be irate about something, please get your priorities in order.


Trump supporters are being called brainwashed. They are seen as “defining deviancy down.” They are accused of failing to hold Trump accountable for his words and actions.


Are they? Or do all of those people rate the collective political failure of Republicans, conservatives, and Christians as far worse? Maybe the accountability is being pointed at the politicians and pundits whose performance in office, and as scribblers, has gotten us to where we are today (which is — in big trouble).


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