BIVER: Conservative Failures Explain Why Donald Trump Is Winning

By JOHN BIVER • February 29, 2016


Many, many Republicans, conservatives, and Christians have been completely breaking down mentally because of the rise of Donald Trump. It’s a sad sight, especially because almost none of them understand the reason for their own breakdown. I’m convinced their reaction is profoundly psychological. Deep inside their subconscious they know they’re part of the problem. Their failure to reach more Americans with the conservative message over many decades has produced the circumstances that have led to Trump’s success. The pain they are experiencing is producing the largest nervous breakdown — in both magnitude and numbers of people — any of us will probably ever witness in our lifetimes.


We’ve never seen a reaction like this. Donald Trump’s candidacy is, according to these people, the worst thing to ever happen in politics. Bill Clinton was nothing. Barack Obama, a piece of cake. Hillary and Bernie — small potatoes. No, Trump is what’s bad. Awful. Disgusting. Horrible. Frightening. Yes, I’m only scratching the surface. Every negative thing that can possibly be said about a person is being said about Trump — and we’re not done yet. Every day conservative writers find more reasons Trump means the end of America. The latest thing to do is to put together lists — and lists of links — to Trump’s words and actions of the past. Did you know Donald said…? Were you aware what Donald did…?


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