NRO’s ‘Gang of 22,’ Cruz Supporters Paved the Way for a Trump Presidency

By John Biver • January 23, 2016


Twenty-two writers at the National Review, countless evangelical leaders around the country, and much of the contingent of people supporting Ted Cruz’s candidacy have created the situation where Donald J. Trump may well sit behind the desk in the Oval Office a year from now.


That opening sentence above may seem harsh — but it’s the truth. Republicans, conservatives, and Christians have failed to adequately fight the political information war since Ronald Reagan left office — that is the reason Trump leads in the polls.


The meltdown taking place among my friends, allies, and writers I respect is disappointing, but completely understandable. A line from another Donald (Rumsfeld) applies here. These smart and committed people (that I agree with on almost everything by the way) don’t know what they don’t know. And so their heads are exploding about a possible Trump victory.


What they don’t understand is this election is not about Trump, it is about their failures.


Some think this election is about conservatism. It is not. What most Americans know about conservative principles is what they have learned through the liberal K-college schools, heard through pop culture, or bumped up against through the dominant liberal old and new media.


This election is also not about the Republican Party. Everyone knows that the GOP “brand” continues to suffer under the ongoing failures of its leaders. Voters have given the party chance after chance. There is no clearer example than the fact that for the last five years a Republican-controlled U.S. House has failed to use its massive bully pulpit potential to hold up a standard and move public opinion en masse in the right direction.


This election is about $20 trillion in debt, hundreds of trillions in unfunded liabilities at the state and local level, and dozen’s of major policy areas where Republicans still fail to effectively communicate the solutions that exist that are in line with their party’s platform.


This election is also about credibility and competence. Since Republicans, conservatives, and evangelicals have failed in the information war, Donald Trump is taking the nation to school like leaders are supposed to — like they have failed to do since The Great Communicator retired.


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