JORAVSKY: As Rauner pushes for ‘reforms,’ business is good for CEOs


As your faithful correspondent, I was compelled to read Governor Bruce Rauner’s recent essay on why he vetoed the state budget. The piece was conveniently located on the editorial page of my Chicago Tribune, home delivered as always.


Coincidentally, that’s the same paper that recently gave me an update on the salaries of the top corporate CEOs in Illinois.


There’s a connection between executive pay and Rauner’s essay that I’ll get to in a minute. First, though, I’ll note that Rauner’s op-ed piece is one of the latest salvos in his public relations campaign to explain why it’s a good idea to bring state government to a crashing halt by vetoing the budget passed by Democrats. He argues that their budget doesn’t cut enough spending—such as aid to autism patients, to cite but one program that the governor has targeted before.




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