SUN-TIMES: Kirk praises Rauner’s pro-abortion stand, calls SEIU corrupt


Bruce Rauner’s gubernatorial primary win sent a strong message about the future of the Illinois GOP, the state’s ranking Republican said Wednesday.


“With Rauner’s victory, it showed that a pro-choice Republican can be nominated by the party and go on to win,” said U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., who also supports abortion rights. “If you are a social moderate and a fiscal conservative, you’re likely to win in Illinois.”


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Kirk singled out the Service Employees International Union, calling the group “particularly corrupt.”


“I would particularly say that there’s been one union that’s run the state of Illinois called the SEIU, a particularly corrupt union,” Kirk said. “The SEIU — it’s no mistake that Rod Blagojevich wanted to leave his job as governor and go work for them. It’s because he saw the SEIU as more powerful than the state of Illinois.”


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