Rutherford accuser “likes” Bruce Rauner

By DOUG IBENDAHL • February 10, 2014


Edmund Michalowski, the person leveling accusations against State Treasurer and GOP gubernatorial hopeful Dan Rutherford, apparently “likes” Bruce Rauner.


According to his Facebook account (which apparently has been deactivated within the past 48 hours), Michalowski had just six “likes” – and one of them was Bruce Rauner. Only one other political figure seemed to impress Michalowski enough to warrant a “like” on Facebook – longtime Democrat and Chicago Alderman Bob Fioretti.


Here’s the full list of Michalowski’s “likes” from his now deactivated Facebook page: Lopez, Pyrchalla & Kaufman, LLC, Children of Peace School, Bruce Rauner, Illinois Automobile Dealers Association, Retro Beer Company, and Alderman Bob Fioretti.


We’ve known the identity of Rutherford’s accuser for some time; however, like other media outlets we chose not to publish the accuser’s name. However, as the accuser has allowed his attorney and others to continue to dribble out accusations and rumors, in our view it is no longer fair to Rutherford to allow these accusations to be hidden in anonymity.


Michalowski reportedly has resigned from the Treasurer’s office and is now working for Cook County Recorder of Deeds Karen A. Yarborough. Yarborough is also the Democratic Township Committeeman of Proviso Township and Sergeant-At-Arms of the Cook County Democratic Party.


In December, FOX Chicago reported that Yarborough “is being accused by a federal court monitor of turning her office into a dumping ground for friends, family and those with political clout.”


Michalowski previously worked for Secretary of State Jesse White and was treasurer of Mr. White’s political action committee, Citizens for Jesse White, until October 2000.


Doug Ibendahl is a Chicago Attorney and a former General Counsel of the Illinois Republican Party.


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