Aaron Schock outed as gay by journalist on Facebook?


In the post, which has since gone viral on social media and has been covered by Queerty, Gawker and the Miami Herald to name a few media outlets, Hod writes:


“here’s a hypothetical: what if you know a certain GOP congressman, let’s just say from Illinois, is gay… and you know this because one of your friends, a journalist for a reputable network, told you in no uncertain terms that he caught that GOP congressman and his male roommate in the shower… together. now they could have been good friends just trying to conserve water. but there’s more. what if this congressman has also been caught by tmz cameras trolling gay bars. now what if you know that this very same guy, the darling of the gop, has also voted against repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, opposed the repeal of doma, is against gay marriage; and for the federal marriage amendment, which would add language to the us constitution banning gay marriage and would likely strike down every gay rights law and ordinance in the country?”


Later in the post, which can be read in full here, Hod, who has appeared on CBS and LOGO, notes “we’ve been so effective at convincing everyone that outing people is a crime against humanity, that we’ve made it impossible for any network or news organization to talk about this ‘hypothetical’ gay republican congressman and his hypocritical vote against gay rights.”


Hod never specifically names Schock but at the end of his post includes a link to an Americablog.com piece entitled “The 7 gayest Aaron Schock Instagram posts of 2013” along with a note that reads, “not sure why… but had a sudden urge to share this.”


As of Saturday afternoon, Schock’s Instagram account was locked.


Read More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/04/aaron-schock-outed_n_4542133.html?utm_hp_ref=fb&ir=Chicago&src=sp&comm_ref=false#sb=3082694b=facebook



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