Here are the Republicans who voted against pension reform

By DOUG IBENDAHL • December 4, 2013


State lawmakers in both chambers passed a pension reform bill on Tuesday aimed at addressing our state’s $100 billion pension crisis. The bill, SB1, is estimated to save approximately $160 billion over three decades.


While certainly not perfect, the reform bill passed this week represents a positive step towards solving one of Illinois’ most pressing financial problems. No one claims SB1 solves our state’s financial woes – but passage represents progress in the right direction.


For years Republicans have been crying out for meaningful pension reform while pointing fingers at the Democrats. Well on Tuesday we learned which Republicans are serious and who is just as in bed with the unions as the worst Democrat.


Republicans who voted AGAINST meaningful pension reform:


State Senators State Representatives
Jason Barickman Mike Bost
Tim Bivins Dan Brady
Kirk Dillard Rich Brauer
Dan Duffy Adam Brown
Dave Luechtefeld John Cabello
Sam McCann John Cavaletto
Kyle McCarter Tom Cross
Dale Righter C.D. Davidsmeyer
Chapin Rose Mike Fortner
  Brad Halbrook
  Norine Hammond
  Josh Harms
  David Harris
  Chad Hays
  Jeanne Ives
  Dwight Kay
  Dave McSweeney
  Charlie Meier
  Bill Mitchell
  Don Moffitt
  Tom Morrison
  Sandy Pihos
  Raymond Poe
  Bob Pritchard
  David Reis
  Wayne Rosenthal
  Keith Sommer
  Joe Sosnowski
  Brian Stewart
  Mike Tryon
  Michael Unes


Republicans who voted FOR meaningful pension reform:


State Senators State Representatives
Pamela Althoff John Anthony
Bill Brady Patricia Bellock
Mike Connelly Tom Demmer
Darin LaHood Jim Durkin
Karen McConnaughay Kay Hatcher
Matt Murphy David Leitch
Jim Oberweis Michael McAuliffe
Christine Radogno JoAnn Osmond
Sue Rezin Dennis Reboletti
Dave Syverson Ron Sandack
  Tim Schmitz
  Darlene Senger
  Ed Sullivan
  Jil Tracy
  Barbara Wheeler


The full roll call (Republicans and Democrats) can be viewed here: State Senate and State House.


Doug Ibendahl is a Chicago Attorney and a former General Counsel of the Illinois Republican Party.



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