The Illinois GOP isn’t going to fix itself

By DOUG IBENDAHL • November 6, 2013


State GOP Chair Jack Dorgan and his pals are apparently too busy making sure the black former Miss America doesn’t have access to party resources. They clearly can’t be bothered to help with any serious building work.


So it’s up to regular Republicans like you to get the Illinois Republican Party on track.


Close-of-business Monday, December 2 is the deadline for filing candidate petitions in Illinois. That’s plenty of time to get on the ballot for Republican Precinct Committeeman (or Republican Township Committeeman in Cook County).


Our party needs new blood from top to bottom – literally thousands of fresh leaders. Republican Precinct Committeeman (or Republican Township Committeeman in Cook County) is the perfect place to start.


If you don’t want to run yourself, at least help recruit. And if you can’t do either, then don’t complain.


The Republican Precinct Project pulls back the curtain and provides the information and forms you need. We all have to step-up because the old GOP bosses aren’t serious about getting the job done in Illinois.


Becoming a committeeman gives you a seat at the GOP table. While strictly volunteer, it’s a crucial job. Committeemen also represent the GOP’s farm team. From these ranks come the next candidates for county board, state house, state senate, school board, congress, and governor.


You’ll find more information on running for Republican Precinct Committeeman including links to the required forms HERE.


The rules and the forms are the same for 101 Illinois counties. That’s every one except for Cook County. No political party elects Precinct Committeemen in Cook which has a unique legal structure. However, the analogous position of Republican Township Committeeman is available right now. All 30 of those Republican positions in suburban Cook County are also up for election in the March 18 Primary. You’ll find more information on running for Republican Township Committeeman in Cook County HERE. (Note the petition form and signature requirements for Township Committeeman differ a little from Precinct Committeeman, but the basic job of building the GOP and representing Republicans in your area is the same.)


If you ever have any questions about running for Committeeman, don’t hesitate to contact Doug Ibendahl at (312) 648-0061 or at


Doug Ibendahl is a Chicago Attorney and a former General Counsel of the Illinois Republican Party.


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