Run for Republican Township Committeeman in Cook County



All 30 Republican Township Committeemen in suburban Cook County will be elected at the Primary Election on March 20, 2018. All Republican Township Committeemen are elected to a four-year term. (All 50 Republican Ward Committeemen in the City of Chicago were elected in 2016, and those posts will not be up for election again until 2020.)


Republican Township Committeeman is an unpaid, volunteer Party position. By becoming a Republican Township Committeeman you will help President Donald Trump advance his positive, pro-growth, America First agenda.


Those seeking the position should be do-ers, serious people who want to support our President in Illinois and who want to start preparing for Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election.


The need for dedicated and honest candidates for this important Party post is greater than ever. Republicans cannot win statewide without a more serious effort being made at the local level. If you are a true supporter of our President who is seriously interested in helping to Make America Great Again, it’s time to take the next step. It’s time for you to take your seat at the table.





 • Must be a United States citizen.
 • Must be at least 18 years of age.
 • Must be a registered voter in the township.





Form of Petition.  Fill out the Township Committeeman Primary Petition and print the completed form.


Circulate Petitions.  You may begin circulating your Nominating Petitions on September 5, 2017. The LAST DAY to collect signatures (and file them) is Monday, December 4.


HELPFUL TIP: Be the first to sign your own Petition! As a candidate, you can both sign (as a registered voter) and circulate your own Township Committeeman Primary Election Petition. Since this post is a party office – as opposed to a public office – the March 20, 2018 Republican Primary IS the election. Democrats elect their own Township Committeemen on the same day in their own party primary election.


Meet the Signature Requirements. Nominating Petitions must contain the signatures of no less than 5% nor more than 8% (or 50 more than the minimum, whichever is greater) of the total votes cast for the party’s candidate who received the highest number of votes in the township. [10 ILCS 5/7-10(i)]. Fortunately you don’t have to make that calculation yourself. The Cook County Clerk’s Office has a handy chart listing the minimum signature requirements (and signature maximum) for each township, HERE.


HELPFUL TIP: We recommend collecting well over the minimum number of signatures required, with a goal of filing the maximum number. You want to have a sufficient cushion, as some material percentage of the people who sign your petition will inevitably turn out NOT to be registered voters.


File Your Candidate Papers. The filing period with the Cook County Clerk’s Office begins November 27, 2017 and ends on the close of business December 4, 2017. The following documents must be filed with the Cook County Clerk’s Office during that filing window:

  1. Township Committeeman Primary Petitions. All petition pages must be numbered; bound together (just staple; or better yet use a hole-punch & fasteners); and have each page notarized.
  2. Statement of Candidacy. This page also must be notarized. AND NOTE: the referenced Statement of Economic Interests is NOT filed for Republican Township Committeeman or any other party office. The Statement of Economic Interests is only for PUBLIC offices.
  3. Loyalty Oath. Optional, not legally required, but most candidates do go ahead and file this simple form as part of their complete package.

Attach your Statement of Candidacy (and Loyalty Oath, if you choose to file one) on top of your numbered Committeeman Petition sheets.


Feel free to review a copy of the Illinois State Board of Elections 2018 Candidate’s Guide and the 2018 Election and Campaign Finance Calendar. The 2018 Candidate’s Guide contains a helpful Frequently Asked Questions section. The forms and simple instructions we’ve listed above are really all you need to complete the entire process of getting on the ballot as a candidate for Republican Township Committeeman. But we link these additional state resources for those who might find them helpful.


If you have any questions regarding the process for running for Republican Township Committeeman, the required forms, or any other matter, please don’t hesitate to contact Doug Ibendahl at (312) 648-0061, or email him at



Paid for by Republican Precinct Project. A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.


The Republican Precinct Project is not affiliated with any candidate or candidate committee.




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