POLITICO: Romney’s Olympics uniforms made in Burma


In another type of outsourcing, this on the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics uniforms made in Burma, from HuffPo:


According to reports in 2002, the decision to outsource the torchbearer uniforms to Burma caused an uproar among human rights advocates and trade groups. It prompted the head of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) to write a letter to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), stating that “No responsible organization or body should make use of products originating in Burma.”


The American Anti-Slavery Group (AASG) and the Free Burma Coalition (FBC) launched a campaign to protest the uniforms and called on the IOC to apologize and “promise to never support — indirectly or directly — the Burmese regime.”


Torchbearers, too, were shocked to see the “Made in Burma (Myanmar)” label on their tracksuits. “When I looked at the label for the uniform, I went nuts,” said 2002 torchbearer Susan Bonfield in an interview with the Guardian. “When you are sending work representing the U.S. to a military dictatorship, I have an issue with that.”


Then this:


Perhaps most embarrassing, after receiving emailed protests from more than 1,000 activists, the media relations department at the Salt Lake Organizing Committee confused Burma and Myanmar as two separate countries.


“The torch relay clothes were NOT made in Burma. They were manufactured in Myanmar,” the organizing committee responded. “In fact they were made in the exact same factory that produces clothes for GAP, North Face and other major clothing labels.”


This could explain part of Romney’s silence on a Capitol Hill controversy over the current manufacturer of Olympics uniforms — and serves as another reminder that his trip to London next week is no longer an easy hit. Instead, it will have the Bain-outsourcing-when-did-Romney-leave controversy as the backdrop.



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