THE HILL: Mark Kirk’s use of an assumed name was not the first time


Yesterday’s Chicago Tribune story about the queasiness of public officials revealing hospitalizations sent an alarm off in my head. Katherine Skiba and Todd Lighty, in a story prompted by Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s (D-Ill.) weird disappearance and the silence in its aftermath, focused also on Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), who, they write, experiencing dizziness and numbness, checked himself into Lake Forest Hospital last Jan. 21 under the assumed name Hillel Underwood.


Skiba and Lighty quote doctors and others saying that using a fake name is done, although not often.


The reporters note that Kirk, 52, refused a request for an interview on the subject and that Eric Elk, Kirk’s Chicago chief of staff, “turned aside the question of whether Kirk had ever used [the alias Hillel Underwood] before.”


He has, according to my notes of interviews with Kirk’s ex-wife Kimberly Vertolli.


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