IL GOP Chair embarrasses Party with frat boy endorsement

By DOUG IBENDAHL • Marc h 17, 2012


Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady has been misusing his party title and endorsing candidates in a number of contested GOP primary races this year.


In Chicago’s three-person race for 42nd Ward Republican Committeeman, Brady endorsed 23-year old Tommy Smithburg. As we told you last week, it’s all about the money. Tommy’s wealthy daddy has given tens-of-thousands of dollars to Chicago Democrats, but he’s given hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to Republicans over the years.


Other equally pointless Republicans like Tom Cross, Bill Brady, Judy Baar Topinka, Aaron Schock, and Dan Proft have also endorsed William Smithburg’s kid.


It doesn’t seem to matter that young Tommy has done nothing in life or in politics to deserve the significant GOP position that some want to hand him. What’s worse, some of the experience he does bring is disturbing.


We already know the kid’s dishonest. And now 42nd ward voters are disgusted to learn that just four years ago, Tommy Smithburg was at the center of a fraternity hazing scandal.


While Tommy Smithburg was President of Northwestern University’s chapter of Delta Upsilon, the fraternity hired an entertainment group called the “Half Pint Brawlers” (which bills itself as the “one and only hardcore midget wrestling company”) to perform at a January 8, 2008 event.


According to an article in Northwestern’s student newspaper, the performers “simulated sex, jumped off a ladder onto one another and stapled each other in the face, among other acts depicted in photographs and videos e-mailed to The Daily. In the videos, attendees cheered and chanted, urging the performers to ‘Hit him with a chair!’ and ‘Do it again!’”


The fraternity faced disciplinary action in the resulting scandal, and Smithburg eventually resigned as fraternity president.


A marketing video of the “Half Pint Brawlers” can be viewed below.


It’s impossible to say whether the “Half Pint Brawlers” are more degrading and insulting to “Little People” or to women.


But it’s also embarrassing and insulting to Republicans everywhere that the Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party – who is himself no stranger to embarrassing brawls – wants to hand a GOP title to a spoiled rich kid responsible for welcoming this trash into Northwestern University just a few years ago.


WARNING: Video contains graphic images, extreme violence, copious amounts of blood, profanity, people being abused with staple guns, thumb tacks and broken bottles, demeaning treatment of women, nudity and lewd sex acts.





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