There is a good reason for Newt to stay in the race

By JOHN BIVER • March 15, 2012


I cannot see how Newt Gingrich can get the Republican nomination, but helping prevent Mitt Romney (the liar) from getting the nod is a fine reason for Newt to stay in the race.


Long time conservative activist Richard Viguerie’s message to Newt is, “Don’t Quit the Fight, Join Rick Santorum to Win It.” In other words, drop out and endorse Rick. Interestingly, Viguerie writes:


“Over the long span of his career, no one — save Ronald Reagan — did more while in public office to advance the conservative cause than did Newt Gingrich.”


And this:


“If Romney is the nominee, most conservatives believe he will do little more than slow our race toward fiscal and social bankruptcy.”


The problem with Newt exiting is that there is no guarantee Newt supporters will then support Rick – even if Newt endorses him. I’m not alone in this thinking – here are excerpts from both and


“If Newt leaves, or if his remaining supporters give up on him, I’d assume the majority will go to Santorum – but Romney would at least have the opportunity to convince some who are uncomfortable with Santorum, and that could change the popular vote dynamics.”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


“As for Santorum, his camp believes their best chance is for Gingrich to exit stage left and allow there to become a consolidation of “conservative” voters who, by their calculations, would leave Romney pulling his usual 35 percent in most states and give Santorum huge wins in critical upcoming contests.


That sounds great for Santorum, but it might not work out as planned. Unless Santorum received an outright endorsement from Gingrich, a portion of Newt’s votes might stray to Romney. Analysis of polling shows that Gingrich does well among longtime Republicans who consider themselves conservative. Those supporters might embrace Romney as an alternative.”


We have to stop Mitt Romney from getting the nomination. Newt holding onto his supporters until a contested convention seems to me a better way to insure that then hope that Rick Santorum can get the job done by himself.


One last thing. A contested convention isn’t going to choose the third place finisher (Newt). If anything thinks it would, they don’t know the type of person that typically becomes a GOP delegate. I’m sorry but they’re not a bright bunch on average, and, by the way, many of them will be susceptible to being bought off (in one way or another) by the Romney forces.


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