Walsh and Hultgren’s pity party

By CATHY SANTOS • October 11, 2011


Is there anything more unattractive than a whiny man? Attendees at an event in Lake County found out last night that two are much worse.


Joe Walsh and Randy Hultgren wasted no time getting straight to the issue everyone is concerned about – jobs. Unfortunately, it was mostly about their jobs.


The two freshmen have chosen to run against each other after the redrawn congressional map made the new 14th District more attractive for both of them. But if you listen to their harping, that is not the way Walsh and Hultgren see it.


While it is true the Democrats were responsible for drawing the new congressional map, it was the voters who chose to keep the Democrats in control of the State Senate, State House, and Governor’s Mansion. Walsh and Hultgren can blame the Democrats all they want, but the reality is it was the voters’ decision. This is what happens when too many Republican lawmakers in Illinois spend more time complaining than leading. Voters reject them, even when the Democrats are awful.


Walsh and Hultgren have other options, but they’ve chosen a head-to-head battle. That’s fine. But it is time for them to put on their big boy pants and accept a reality that’s of their own making.


Voters in Illinois are hurting and they have little patience for a couple of self-absorbed politicians.


Walsh and Hultgren need to stop the pity parties – otherwise both could be out of a job next November.


Cathy Santos is a Republican political consultant.


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