Which counties elected a GOP Committeeman in every precinct in 2010?

By DOUG IBENDAHL • September 25, 2011


Of the 101 Illinois counties that elect Precinct Committeemen (only Cook County doesn’t), all but two had a significant percentage of vacant precincts after the last election in 2010. Only two counties elected Republican Precinct Committeemen in 100% of their precincts in the 2010 Republican Primary.


You can find those two counties and compare your own County GOP’s performance at the Republican Precinct Project. (Just scroll down on the home page for the summary chart.)


It’s true that both of the counties are small in population, but it’s still a noteworthy accomplishment and one that Republicans statewide should strive towards for 2012.


If your precinct has been unrepresented, or if the incumbent has been missing-in-action, then consider running yourself – or at a minimum help recruit.


December 5th is the last day to collect petition signatures and it’s also the last day to file those petitions with your County Clerk.


For more information on how to run for Republican Precinct Committeeman, including the petition form, go here.


Doug Ibendahl is a Chicago Attorney and a former General Counsel of the Illinois Republican Party.


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