MARIN: Plenty of reason to worry in Cicero


Editor’s Note: One of the Pesek brothers mentioned in Carol Marin’s column is Craig Pesek. Craig Pesek stepped down from his Republican State Central Committeeman position back in April after the Chicago Sun-Times revealed his ties to the Outlaws motorcycle gang member, and to a convicted drug dealer. That’s the good news. The bad news is Craig Pesek remains the Cicero Township Republican Committeeman.


U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez says he won’t be muscled. But that, he contends, is exactly what the guys who run the ever-infamous town of Cicero just tried to do.


“They act like bullies,” said the 10-term congressman whose district, thanks to the new remap, includes even more of Cicero than it did before. “I’m going to fight.”


If you’ve followed the series of Cicero stories written by Sun-Times reporter Steve Warmbir, including one about sex that is in Wednesday’s paper, then you have a keen sense of the political characters who populate any Cicero plot line.


Chief among them is larger-than-life Town President Larry Dominick, who has packed the municipal payroll with his friends and family. His big donors include the Pesek brothers, who have reaped rewards for businesses with which they are associated, such as the hot dog stand — yes, hot dog stand — at which the Dominick government spent $120,000, including $26,000 in TIF money. And then there’s the former town employee suing Dominick for sexual harassment who, at the request of the FBI, secretly recorded Dominick allegedly urging her to lie in a deposition.


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