DH: Rutherford’s taxpayer funded mailing sent to big-name donors


This summer, the office of Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford sent a glossy summary of “successes” to a select 850 state residents — a majority of whom happen to be major campaign donors to the Pontiac Republican.


Rutherford, who party insiders say is strongly mulling a bid for governor, says it is “merely a coincidence” that nearly two-thirds of the recipients of the slick mailer are also donors to his political campaign.


Rutherford sent out the 11-page full-color booklet titled “No More Debt” on June 1. “Paid for by the state of Illinois. 850 copies,” it reads in small print on the back.


The mailing did not solicit donations, but highlighted what it portrayed as successes of the treasurer’s first six months in office, citing newspaper editorials warning other constitutional officers to heed Rutherford’s calls to freeze state spending and end borrowing.

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