Syverson tells Gaming Board Chair to shut up or step down

By CATHY SANTOS • July 19, 2011


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Republican State Senator and State Central Committeeman Dave Syverson

Last week, Republican State Senator Dave Syverson said if Illinois Gaming Board Chair Aaron Jaffe can’t keep quiet about his concerns over the latest push to massively expand gambling in Illinois, then he should consider leaving the Board.


“The governor needs to be holding his people accountable,” Syverson told the Illinois Statehouse News. “And if the director does not want to implement these programs, then maybe he needs to look at stepping down.”


Jaffe has been vocal about the difficulties in regulating the massive gambling expansion passed by the Illinois General Assembly earlier this year. He has even gone as far as recommending Governor Pat Quinn veto the bill – a position supported by principled Republicans.


Syverson has long been a big supporter of more gambling. He was one of four Republicans to vote for the massive gambling expansion bill in the State Senate. And it’s not the first time he has supported legislation to expand gambling in Illinois. But Syverson’s “put up or shut up” attitude directed towards the top regulator is beyond outrageous and a source of major concern.


Jaffe’s worries are well founded and he’s right to draw the public’s attention to the regulatory loopholes contained in the gambling bill. Mr. Jaffe’s just doing his job.


Maybe Dave Syverson should think about doing his.


As one of 19 members of the Illinois GOP’s senior governing board (officially called the State Central Committee), Syverson has a duty to promote and defend the principles of our Republican Party. Those principles are spelled out in our State Party’s Platform which includes clear opposition to gambling expansion in Illinois.


If anyone should be told to do his job or step down, it should be you Mr. Syverson.


Cathy Santos is a Republican political consultant.


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