Craig Pesek must resign from top State GOP post

By DOUG IBENDAHL • April 12, 2011


We applaud Chicago Sun-Times reporter Steve Warmbir on his explosive report Monday detailing the associations of Republican State Central Committeeman Craig Pesek (4th U.S. Congressional District) and his brother Jeff in the town of Cicero.


The Chicago Sun-Times followed up with an excellent editorial Monday evening – Things don’t look right in Cicero.


We agree. Things certainly don’t look right in Cicero. Things also don’t look right in our Illinois Republican Party.


It has been over twenty-four hours since the Sun-Times broke its story about Craig Pesek’s disturbing ties to a Chicago mob associate and a confessed drug dealer. The Sun-Times story yesterday included an FBI affidavit detailing a conversation between Craig Pesek, his brother Jeff, and a member of the Outlaws motorcycle gang. The gang member talked about the likelihood that he would soon be charged in connection with the bombing of a Berwyn business.


Based on the limited transcript released, it appears that neither of the Pesek brothers found this talk particularly offensive or shocking. It comes across as if it could have been a casual conversation about the White Sox’s chances this year.


But there is much more. Read the two Sun-Times pieces linked above if you haven’t already.


By now we should have read a statement from State Party Chairman Pat Brady calling for Craig Pesek’s resignation from the 19 member committee Brady chairs.


Unfortunately there has still been no comment or leadership from Pat Brady on this very serious matter. This is nothing new.


It appears that Pat Brady is too busy sending tweets about how bad the Democrats are and stonewalling SB35 – a common sense reform that would give Republican voters back the broom they need to sweep out the likes of Craig Pesek from our party’s top leadership.


Craig Pesek’s unfitness should not come as a surprise to readers of Republican News Watch. We’ve had considerable detail about the Pesek brothers’ controversial dealings in Cicero on our website for some time. However the new revelations reported by the Sun-Times yesterday bring this matter to an entirely new level.


It’s officially time to say enough is enough.


Craig Pesek has not been charged with any wrongdoing. But as the Sun-Times states in its latest editorial: “Things don’t look right.”


We call on Craig Pesek to resign immediately from the Illinois Republican Party’s State Central Committee.


We also urge State GOP Chairman Pat Brady to join us in demanding Pesek’s immediate resignation.


Doug Ibendahl is a Chicago Attorney and a former General Counsel of the Illinois Republican Party.


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