SJ-R: Illinois House votes to cut own pay – only two Republicans vote “no”


Editor’s Note: Republican State Representatives Randy Ramey and David Leitch voted NO on HB2891 that would reduce their pay by 10 percent and deny cost-of-living increases.


Illinois House members voted Tuesday to cut their pay by 10 percent and forego future cost-of-living increases.


On an 85-14 vote, the House approved House Bill 2891, sponsored by Rep. Michelle Mussman, D-Schaumburg.


“My constituents say we are insulated from the same difficulties they are faced with,” Mussman said. “This is something I talked about in my campaign. This is something they asked me to do over and over at the doors. It is a bipartisan effort.”


Twenty-one other representatives joined Mussman in co-sponsoring the bill.


Before the vote, Rep. William Davis, D-Homewood, asked Mussman for some clarification.


“Do your constituents feel that members of the General Assembly aren’t deserving of what they get paid to be down here?” Davis asked.


“Yes,” Mussman said.


“They feel that way?” Davis continued.


Angry voters


“Yes,” Mussman said. “They are very angry right now. They really feel that we do not get what they are going through, that they have all taken pay cuts, they’ve lost their jobs. We are not taking pay cuts. We have done nothing to demonstrate that we are in this situation with them.”


Illinois lawmakers are among the best-paid in the country, with a base salary of $67,836. Most also make more than that by serving in leadership positions or as committee chairs. Those stipends range from $10,327 (for committee posts) to $27,477 (for Senate president, House speaker and House and Senate minority leaders).


Officially, being a member of the Illinois General Assembly is a part-time job, and many legislators have outside jobs.


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