Doug Ibendahl

Andy McKenna’s new McCarthyism

February 19, 2006

We'll grant it's a tad unfair to compare State Party Chairman Andy McKenna, Jr. and his Old Guard puppeteers to the late Senator Joseph McCarthy. McCarthy was a Red-Baiter whose tactic of blacklisting Americans suspected of Communist affiliation eventually went too far and brought him down.

Oh stop whining Judy

February 17, 2006

Judy Baar Topinka held a pity party on Valentine's Day, but she could only round up the usual suspects to attend. Ron Gidwitz began running a comparative television ad on Tuesday, highlighting certain facts about Topinka's record in office. Gidwitz's ad merely states some facts about how much Topinka has increased spending in the...

Candidate in Governor’s Race says “President Bush should have his head examined”

February 17, 2006

Well, so much for Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment. Speaking to a gathering this past week in downstate Richland County, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady was quoted saying that President George W. Bush "should have his head examined" regarding the No Child Left Behind program.

Has Bill Brady worn out his welcome?

February 9, 2006

Tom Roeser, a respected voice within the Illinois conservative community, has a very insightful post on his blog about the Republican Primary race for Governor. Tom Roeser asks the question many conservatives in Illinois have also been asking: "Why would Brady want to carry the collar for an Oberweis loss in the primary by...

Mr. Birkett, tear down this stonewall!

February 5, 2006

Late last week with Joe Birkett at the controls, the Topinka/Birkett "straight-talk" express ran off the rails and burst into flames. It looks like a total loss for Mr. Birkett's credibility. We must say though, we are delighted that Joe Birkett has joined our rapidly growing readership. Maybe Mr. Birkett wants to see real...

Prove it Judy!

February 2, 2006

It's not that we don't trust Judy Baar Topinka. Wait, who are we kidding - of course we don't trust Topinka. But in any case we think a statement Judy Baar made through a spokesman last week deserves some follow-up. CBS 2 Chicago on January 27th highlighted charges of hypocrisy against Topinka. The report...

So much for that Illinois GOP Code of Conduct

January 27, 2006

Jim Oberweis must be doing something right. This past week he was viciously bashed by an angry homosexual activist and by an immature Republican opponent. On Tuesday the campaign held a press conference to renew Oberweis' commitment to the Protect Marriage Petition drive. Oberweis presented the leaders of the project with a check for...

It’s time for some of that “straight talk” from Birkett

January 26, 2006

When Judy Baar Topinka tapped DuPage County State's Attorney Joe Birkett as her running mate, she introduced Birkett as "the new sheriff in state government." Topinka vowed that as Lt. Governor, Birkett would clean up a mess left behind by Governor Rod Blagojevich's scandal ridden freshman term. But it appears that the "new sheriff...

Topinka’s crew finds even basic GOP issues “divisive”

January 24, 2006

That humorous caption on the photo accompanying this piece, "we're doomed" - is the fate that awaits the IL GOP if Republicans continue to be denied the principled leadership they deserve.

Topinka’s Boss Hogg keeps Illinois GOP the backwater of American politics

January 23, 2006

The IL GOP's National Committeeman Bob Kjellander truly is the Boss Hogg of Illinois.