President Trump is right about who are the true Elites

By DOUG E. IBENDAHL • June 29, 2018


More great news for Donald Trump supporters. At his packed rally in Fargo, North Dakota Wednesday night, the leader of the Free World announced big promotions for well over 60 million Americans (and counting).


Trump supporters are no longer just “the elite.” You’re now “the super elite.”


I’ve long had the same view as Trump on use of the term “the elite.” It’s a complimentary designation. So why in the world would any of us apply it to our nasty opponents, people who aren’t as smart, aren’t as successful, and who have no respect or concern for the truth or honest debate.


The Left, and even some on the Right, got away with it for decades. They knew “elite” suggests someone smarter, more educated, and generally just a superior person. A lot of good people fell for it, sadly relegating themselves to inconsequential peasant status.


And then President Trump came along, a man who knows how to communicate and who understands the power of effective word choice. People who sit around accomplishing nothing beyond their lies and division aren’t elite. They are windbags who have been hurting our country for far too long. As the President says, they are “stone cold losers.”


The doers are the elites, not the do-nothings.


Therefore, by decree of the President of the United States we’re appropriating the term for ourselves — where it rightly belongs.


Watch the President announcing the promotions on Wednesday night. And congratulations to all!



Doug Ibendahl is a Chicago Attorney and a former General Counsel of the Illinois Republican Party.


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