BIVER: Rauner win has nothing in common with GOP victories outside IL


So Democrat Bruce Rauner is governor-elect in Illinois, having won (what one friend called it) the second Democratic Party primary election of the year. Yes, Rauner is not a RINO (Republican in Name Only), he’s a liberal Democrat. I agree with how Doug Ibendahl explained it:


Bruce Rauner was a leading funder of liberal Democrats for years. In a real way he funded the destruction of the Republican Party. This year he then acquires the GOP asset he helped deplete, and decides running with an “R” would be the easiest way to clear the Primary hurdle. Rauner was right about that much thanks to the three lackadaisical Republican opponents he faced in March.


Of course there are many Illinois Republicans — and yes, even Illinois conservatives — who cheered Rauner’s victory. They still don’t get it. And most of them still won’t get it after Rauner gets his “Rauner taxes” passed, and makes the state income tax increase his own.


Those same people won’t learn after Rauner pushes for and successfully wins the support of the General Assembly for his spending increases. This includes more money for the most wasteful, corrupt, and failed part of state government — the K-12 system and the taxpayer funded four year universities.


Most of the problems with the Rauner candidacy and his upcoming governorship have been addressed on this website and elsewhere. There has been no better resource this year than Chicago-based Republican News Watch for gauging what we’d be in for with a Governor Rauner.


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