Republican powerbroker Bill Cellini found GUILTY


WBEZ has a breakdown of the charges:


The jury found Cellini GUILTY of:


Count 2 – Conspiracy to Extort – Cellini knowingly joined a conspiracy – He knew what Rezko and Kelly were about and he didn’t walk away and he knew they were trading state contracts for campaign contributions to Blagojevich.


Count 4 – Aiding and Abetting Bribery – Cellini knowingly aided and abetted an agent of a state agency (Levine in his role as a TRS trustee) in corruptly soliciting something of value in connection to official state action.


He was found NOT GUILTY of:


Count 1 – Conspiracy to defraud – Defendant knowingly joined a conspiracy to use Levine’s role as a public official to defraud the people of Illinois, specifically the teachers who entrusted Levine to act with their best interests at heart.


Count 3 – Attempted Extortion – Cellini knowingly attempted, with Levine, to get money from Rosenberg.  They threatened to hold back Rosenberg’s $220 million allocation believing that that would force Rosenberg to pay the bribe. This count also requires that the extortion could have potentially affected interstate commerce which it would have as the $220 million would have been invested in companies nationwide.



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