IL GOP Chair Pat Brady okay with Joe Walsh not paying child support

By CATHY SANTOS • July 31, 2011


Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady is defending GOP Congressman Joe Walsh’s failure to make child-support payments to his ex-wife and three children. The delinquent amount was claimed to be approximately $117,000.


However, Pat Brady does have a problem with Walsh calling President Obama a liar.


So to review, Pat Brady is fine with Joe Walsh having unresolved child-support issues, but he’s not okay with Walsh challenging Obama’s honesty.


From the Daily Herald:


While Brady said the party supported Walsh on the child-support issue, he criticized Walsh’s shots at the president.


“It’s not productive for us as a party calling our commander-in-chief a liar. That’s my critique. There are plenty of things we can criticize the president on,” he said.


Correction Pat, “the party” does not support Walsh on the child-support issue – you do and maybe your handlers do – but most Republicans who make up “the party” don’t.


Republicans believe each individual is accountable for his or her actions – a notion that seems to be lost on Pat Brady and Joe Walsh.


I don’t care if it is $1,000 or $100,000 – if you owe child support, pay it. This is not a case of someone who was broke and unable to meet his child-support obligation in a timely manner. Walsh apparently had the money, including enough for two international vacations.    


Walsh’s attorney doesn’t even deny his client owes back child-support. Instead the dispute only centers on the amount of arrearages owed.


I encourage everyone to read the 82-page court filing on this issue. To dismiss this as a “he said, she said” situation is wrong. Joe Walsh has repeatedly failed to live up to his obligations under the Parenting Agreement.


What about Mr. Walsh’s children? How embarrassing it must be for them to watch their father put his own political ambitions before their best interest. Instead of witnessing their father man-up and own up to his mistakes, they see him blaming his irresponsibility on some vast Left-wing conspiracy.


The Democratic Party and members of the liberal press are to blame for a lot of bad things, but they didn’t keep Mr. Walsh’s child support payments from reaching his children over the last several years. It wasn’t the liberal media who forced Walsh to instead spend money on vacations to Mexico and Italy, and on a hefty loan to his own campaign.


Taxpayers are sick and tired of taking up the slack for America’s deadbeat dads. You would think the tea partiers would be the most outraged over Walsh’s fiscal irresponsibility. But it appears some are okay with it. If the same story was about Barack Obama or Rahm Emanuel would these same tea partiers be as forgiving? I don’t think so.


Joe Walsh’s fate may already have been sealed as a result of the redrawing of the congressional district boundaries, but this latest indiscretion doesn’t help. For any potential opponent (Republican or Democratic), being able to label Joe Walsh as a deadbeat dad is the gift that keeps on giving.  


With respect to Pat Brady, no one takes him seriously anymore. But at least he can add “blind defender of deadbeat dad” to his resume of failure.


Cathy Santos is a Republican political consultant.


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