Doug Ibendahl

State GOP betrays Republicans…yet again

June 15, 2006

Last week, still more Democrat leaders announced they are financially supporting the effort to keep the Protect Marriage Illinois advisory referendum off the November 7th ballot.

Good news for Illinois, bad news for Topinka

June 10, 2006

Earlier this month, President Bush came to Illinois and inadvertently gave Governor Blagojevich a big boost on economic performance. Bush obviously disappointed the Topinka campaign, which has been pushing other statistics to suggest Illinois is doing very poorly in terms of job growth.

How Bill Brady could start repairing his reputation (Part 2)

June 7, 2006

If we had just experienced the typical Republican Primary we could probably overlook some campaign puffery from Bill Brady. If every candidate in a large field represented a solid choice for Republicans, we could understand even a candidate with a weak campaign staying in. We could accept a new face wanting to get some...

How Bill Brady could start repairing his reputation (Part 1)

June 6, 2006

We know some are saying we should lay-off Bill Brady and move on, because conservatives and Republicans just need to "unify" (at least until it's time to be sold down the river again). With all due respect - those people can save their breath. Life is too short to spend it as an invertebrate...

Topinka’s gutter politics

May 31, 2006

All of the reasons for the dire warnings about the coming Topinka Train Wreck should now be obvious to everyone. Judy's in way over her head. And it's not just the fact that Topinka has no positive agenda and offers no alternatives for governing the State. Its unlikely Topinka would be able to intelligently...

Dear Karl Rove

May 24, 2006

Many thanks for swinging by the Land of Lincoln last weekend to buck-up the Republican faithful. We know that our own U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has been keeping you quite busy of late, so we really appreciate your carving-out some time for us. That Patrick Fitzgerald is really a pesky pain in the neck...

Time for serious Spring cleaning at the Illinois GOP

April 18, 2006

To the list of people Patrick Collins sent a wake-up call Monday, we would add our IL GOP's Old Guard. Unfortunately, our old hangers-on - George's old friends - appear satisfied to hit the snooze alarm yet again.

Thinking beyond the latest train wreck (Part 2)

April 11, 2006

So opportunities were squandered. Jim Oberweis lost. That's the reality. What now?

Thinking beyond the latest train wreck (Part 1)

April 10, 2006

With Judy Topinka, Republicans nominated a liberal Democrat as their candidate for Governor to take on Blagojevich. What now?

She’s all yours Jim Edgar

March 20, 2006

How many decent and honest Republicans will throw their votes away today on a candidate they simply don't really know? How many Republicans will cast their vote for Judy Baar Topinka not even realizing she's a pro-gay activist, unapologetically pro-abortion, opposes further protecting marriage to the confines of one man and one woman, and...